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Make Donald Trump say whatever you want with this hilarious app

If you’re looking to create some dank Donald Trump memes, DJ Trump is the app you’ve been waiting for.

donald trump

If you’re looking to create some dank Donald Trump memes, DJ Trump is the app you’ve been waiting for.

Present Donald Trump says a lot of crazy stuff. Some bad, some good, and some just plain out there. But a new app just recently launched lets you make him say whatever you want, and it’s surprisingly addicting.

Available on Android and via the web, DJ Trump automatically converts text input to a video generated by mixing together clips of Donald Trump saying individual words. There’s a total of 4,500 words available at your disposal.

Here’s a quick example of a video I was able to make in just about 30-seconds:

The app was developed by a couple developers based out of Cambridge, MA.

“Erik Westland and Phil Hu both run separate companies after graduating from Harvard Business School last year,” states a recent press release. “Erik runs a card game company called IBETCHA and came up with the idea while using Snapchat’s faceswap feature. He approached Phil, CEO of travel company cleverlayover, about the idea to autogenerate Trump speeches, and they decided to form DJ Trump as partners.”

The app is free to use and can be used via the Android app or the web. Don’t be surprised to find yourself spending some time creating dank memes with this hilarious app.

DJ Trump

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