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Microsoft Pix automatically provides you with the best picture possible

Microsoft’s newest app, Microsoft Pix, allows its users to take the best possible pictures.

Microsoft Pix

Microsoft’s newest app, Microsoft Pix, allows its users to take the best possible pictures.

Microsoft’s newest app allows its users to take the best possible pictures. Users will not have to futz around with the settings on their smartphones’ camera. Microsoft Pix will have the ideal lighting and other settings already set up.

Microsoft Pix will be perfect for taking pictures outside because of the various lighting issues it can bring. The app will also be great for taking the ubiquitous selfies that seem to appear all over social media.

Microsoft Pix is set apart from the crowd thanks to its easy-to-use features

Microsoft Pix claims to be the “smarter” camera app. However, users won’t have to be geniuses to figure out how to use the app. Microsoft Pix only requires pointing and shooting from the user. It strips down photography down to its bare bones basics. Microsoft Pix takes care of everything else in terms of making the pictures look perfect.

Microsoft Pix

The app uses sophisticated algorithims and an artificial intelligence to detect all the surroundings. Color, lighting and the environment will be taken into account. Microsoft Pix will find the ideal settings to take the best possible pictures.

When the user presses the button to take the picture, the Pix app goes through a process. The Microsoft Pix app will take up to ten pictures in a single second. This allows the app to select the best possible picture for the user to choose.

Microsoft Pix can also take short video clips that can be looped. Videos will be stabilized through a specific technology made by Microsoft themselves, according to The Next Web.

Microsoft Pix is now available for the iOS

The app can be downloaded for the iPhone. Users can easily access them from the App Store. iPhone users won’t be surprised if Microsoft Pix becomes their new choice for a camera.

This original app from Microsoft will allow for more crisp and clear pictures from its users. Taking those perfect vacation pictures or videos will no longer be an issue. Microsoft Pix will have the best possible settings for whatever the picture will be focusing on.

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