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Take a peek inside the cringeworthy world that is a Minecraft conference

This video of a Minecraft conference may be one of the most cringeworthy videos you’ll watch today.

Minecraft Conference

Man, Minecraft is one hell of a drug. If you ever wanted to get an idea of what the average YouTube commenter may look like, look no further. This video of a recent Minecraft conference gives us an inside look at some of the people behind this “vibrant” community.

Unfortunately for some, the footage you’re about to see might be too painful to watch due to all the awkward questions and technical difficulties attendees were experiencing. I couldn’t make it halfway through the video because I was too busy cringing. Honestly, I think the guy wearing a fedora and gas mask is what had me scrambling to close the window. When I found myself pulling away from watching this masterpiece, I tried to just listen to the audio. But again, I found that I couldn’t handle that either.

As one Reddit user points out, “Seal Team use waterboarding as part of the training, and the record for withstanding it was something like 14 seconds. They should implement this video in their program too.” I couldn’t agree more.

It’s probably not too far off to imagine that this event was probably the first social interaction most of these diehard gamers have experienced outside of a Minecraft game. But all jokes aside, at least they were having fun.

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