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Nvidia Announces an Explosive Recall on Nvidia Shield Tablets

If you own a Nvidia Shield Tablet, chances are it’s going to catch on fire. Nvidia is issuing a recall.

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I’ve been mulling over getting my hands on the Nvidia Shield Tablet for almost an entire year. The idea of playing most my games remotely from a tablet sounds absolutely awesome.

With that being said, today Nvidia announced they are recalling their Shield Tablets for a minor flaw, the battery can explode and burn your house down.

I don’t enjoy waking up on fire, so many by hesitation was a good thing? I mean, who really wants a “fire hazard”?

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Nvidia shared a site where you can see if you tablet is on the recall, but looking at the dates (July 2014 to July 2015) it really appears like all the tablets sold since launch could potentially be death traps.

Filling out the recall form will have Nvidia send out a replacement Shield Tablet with an improved and less-combustive battery, so you can worry more about playing games and less about being on fire.

Not shown here: fire
Not shown here: fire

Joking aside, of the 88,000 tablets sold in North America, there have been 4 reports of overheating damage, with two of those being “damage to flooring”. With a snapshot like that, only .005% of the Shield Tablets have been reported to be faulty, and only half of those have caused any damage. As the recall is so sudden and urgent, it either seems like this is a bigger issue than it appears to be on the surface, of the reports are about to start rolling in over Shield Tablet-assisted arson.

From its launch, the Shield Tablet has been criticized heavily for its rather pitiful battery life. On top of that, I’ve had friends tell me that theirs have gotten quite warm. It sounds like this recall will give Nvidia a chance to improve experiences on the Shield Tablet before the holiday season rolls around. Either way, it’s good to see Nvidia try to get out in front of this before there are more serious issues.

Good luck Shield Tablet users, I hope you avoid conflagration.

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