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Outcast is the new live streaming app that lets you shoot in 15 second intervals

Who has time for any live stream in general? Outcast is an app that records live streams in 15 second intervals.

Outcast pr

“Oooh, I know you like to think your &^*% don’t stin-“.

Wait, wrong OutKast. Apologies. The Outcast we’re talking about is a new app on the market, perfect for the current generation of people with 15 second attention spans. You’ll probably not even finish this article because of said attention span. But maybe you will, because ain’t nobody dope as me, I’m just so fresh and clean (so fresh and so clean-clean). 

Wrong OutKast again. What do you get when Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine hook up and have an app-child? Outcast. Coming fresh off the announcement of Periscope for Android, Outcast allows users to livestream their mundane lives in 15 second increments. “Why would anybody need that?”, you’re asking yourself and quite frankly, I’m not sure either. I’m sorry, Ms. Jackson, but I am for real, I don’t get it.

Outcast live streaming app

There’s no time for editing, obviously, because it’s live, and as soon as your 15 seconds of glory is over Outcast immediately starts into another 15 second livestream from another user, meaning that you get stuck in this infinite loop of mundane. Users can vote on your video, and the more votes you get the more airtime you get within Outcast.

There’s potential sure, maybe you catch 15 seconds worth of something newsworthy, like Bombs Over Baghdad, or 15 seconds worth of a police chase, but I have a sneaking suspicion you will see nothing but 15 second selfies and intimate close-ups with food.

But Hey Ya, who am I to say, maybe Outcast is something you’re interested in.

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