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Random Drops: February DEAD Loot Crate

This month’s Loot Crate featured less items than months past but also featured more higher end items.

February has the biggest rated-R movie release in the history of cinema with Deadpool. I saw it, loved it and would see it again. Of course, Loot Crate isn’t one to pass up on a good tie-in, so they took advantage of both the anticipated success of Deadpool and the much-awaited return of The Walking Dead when the themed this month’s Loot Crate. With a larger box than usual, I was totally hyped to tear into this one and see what was inside.

Loot Crate magazine and pin

I really do like Loot Crate’s new design on their pin is really awesome. Also, the secret item you get on this Loot Pin is Carl for the Walking Dead: Road to Survival game. I don’t really play it, but he’d normally cost you $10, so that isn’t bad at all. The magazine itself has some fun zombie survival trivia but the real star this month is the Loot Pin.

Daryl’s Walker Ear Necklace Soap On A Rope

You know what? This takes the award for most unique item I’ve ever received in a Loot Crate, EVER. So, I don’t really ever plan on washing my body with soap shaped like severed ears, but the concept behind this is actually unique and pretty cool. I do know a few Walking Dead fanatics that would lose their minds over getting this. Maybe I’ll just hang it in the bathroom as a decoration or give it to guests that stay over.

Todd McFarlane Walking Dead Construction Kit 

Hey, I’ve got my own personal dismembered Daryl! From initial glance, this figure doesn’t seem more than 2 inches tall but has all the details that you’d expect from a McFarlane Toys figure. While not terribly hard to assemble I may have my son put it together as he fits together a lot like a LEGO Minifigure.

Deadpool “Tacos?!” t-shirt

I’ve always wanted my very own Merc-with-a-mouth t-shirt but really haven’t wanted to pony up the cash for one. Well, it looks like Loot Crate solved that problem with their shirt in this Loot Crate. On top of featuring Deadpool falling from the sky, the shirt is very light and soft, which is an improvement over the last few Loot Crate shirts that were thick and heavy. I really do like the shirt, I’m glad this was included in the Loot Crate.

Deadpool Q-fig

Who doesn’t want a little cartoony Deadpool getting blown up for their workspace? This Q-fig is actually surprisingly large and has a neat transparent explosion that is propelling Deadpool through the air. You know me and my love of little statues things, this was basically made for me!

You know what time it is! Time to calculate the LootScore™ of this Loot Crate

While lacking a collection of items, this was a solid Loot Crate

This month’s Loot Crate featured less items than months past but also featured more higher-end items. Usually with a nice statue or figure, you wouldn’t get a shirt. Heck, last year, the soap ears may have been their marquee item. It’ll be interesting to see how they do with March’s Loot Crate, because less for more can be a bit of a tight rope to walk.


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