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Random Drops: March Loot Crate “Versus” unboxing and review

It’s a new month, so that means we have a brand new Loot Crate coming your way!

It’s a new month, so that means we have a brand new Loot Crate coming your way!

This month’s theme is “Versus” and it is taking a queue from all the big super hero content that came this way in March. We are a little late on this one, since we did put together a video package for it as well. Either way, it’s time to jump in and take a look.

Harley Quinn #1 – Loot Crate Exclusive

I can’t say I really like the new Harley Quinn, they had some really cool stuff going on with her before DC lost their minds and screwed up their universe. If the comic is any indication, they REALLY want to make Harley the Deadpool of the DC Universe. The comic is cute though and my son and I had a good time reading through it. A great addition to the Loot Crate at the end of the day.

Word Gush App

I wasn’t sure if this should be included in the list of Loot, since it is pretty much a free app. Since it does include some Loot Crate content this April, I figured it was worth including. The game is fun and actually really great once you’ve had a few drinks and are with some friends. It takes the whole “postcard on head” idea and brings it to the digital age.

Batman vs Superman Mighty Wallet

Loot Crate has given us another recycled paper wallet for our collection. Themed after DC’s movie “Batman vs Superman” the recycled paper wallet is made with folded paper and is way tougher than it sounds. As you see in the video, my son liked it a lot and stole it soon after I wrote up this Random Drops. I do enjoy seeing these relatively unique items in Loot Crates.

Daredevil/Punisher Beanie

Ignore what my son said about the beanie being hard. I have no clue what he is talking about. In fact, this beanie ie easily one of the softest beanies I’ve ever word in my entire life. It’s comfy too. The best part is that you can flip it inside out to display either The Punisher’s logo or Daredevil’s logo. This is a really nice beanie and would be pricey outside of a Loot Crate.

Loot Crate magazine and AvP Loot Crate Pin

I’m still really liking what they have done with the Loot Pins. The Loot Crate magazine talks about heroic rivalries while also giving a rundown on what is in this month’s Loot Crate. The Pin will score you a free Vudu rental as well. Neat!

Aliens vs Predator vinyl Titans figure

This little guy was my big surprise of the Loot Crate. Most vinyl figures are actually really basic, but this guy has a lot of detail and all sorts of weird pipe things that come off of him. Seriously, this is a quality figure and I’ll even consider looking into this brand if I run into them on store shelves. They are really nice. Glad I got the Alien though, it just looks cooler.

Star Trek “Mirror Mirror” shirt

I’m not a big Star Trek guy, but anyone familiar with the “Mirror Mirror” episode will know that this is the base for all those evil clone jokes you see in pop culture. Apparently a goatee makes you an evil mastermind. The show poster on an off-white shirt is a nice touch to this Loot Crate and I really thought it was cool.

It’s time to tabulate this month’s LootScore™
This month was average, with a few really nice standout items but the theme was weak

Not the best Loot Crate month overall, but there has absolutely been worse. Next month’s theme is QUEST, which is exciting because the last time was quite the Loot Crate.

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