Review: Revisiting the Syllable Bluetooth D900 headphones

We’ve taken a look at the Syllable D900 earphones in the past, but we had an opportunity to do it again!

Earlier last year, we reviewed the Syllable D900 Bluetooth earphones. They showed promise, yet, fell short of a satisfactory experience for our reviewer. Syllable had at one point reached out and offered to have us look at an updated version, but honestly we got caught up in everything else and we never did. Cut to around the holiday, I was approached on Twitter about taking a look at them again. I didn’t have much on my plate at the time, so I figured I’d try them out and see if my experience differed from J’s.

Now, if you read the original review, you know that the concept of the D900 headphones was awesome but it fell short in performance. The updated model is much improved in many situations but before we get into what works well, I’d like to point out where there is still room for improvement.

Originally, J bemoaned the quality of the stereo application. I actually didn’t have much issue with that, but what absolutely screwed me up was how they would jump to mono on a phone call and sometimes need to be restarted if I was going back to my media. That’s a bit of a pain when I’m out for a job or using them discretely.

The battery works for a few hours, which is good enough for about a solid day of use, but I am a little more used to not having to charge my earbuds like my phone. The microphone is pretty bad, but I didn’t expect much out of them to begin with as this wasn’t the intended use.

With that being said, there’s a lot more this time around that I can say Syllable did right. I had almost no issue with both headphones working in unison, as long as I didn’t deal with the surprise phone call. The audio quality was pretty good and I enjoyed a wide range of music with decent bass and treble that wasn’t too tinny. The D900 were a total breeze to pair once I figured out that I needed both of them turned on. As far as staying on my head, the earbuds worked pretty well unless I was shaking my head violently back and forth. The little rubber loops locked the earbuds into my ears without any discomfort.

What probably ended up being my favorite feature was the travel case that could charge the earbuds on the go. This small box fit in my pocket and wasn’t out of place in my car or at the office. While they kept the earphones from ending up anywhere else other than my ears or my pocket, it also kept the earbuds charged too. I like that blend of performance and functionality that allows me to enjoy the earphones when the battery does start to run low.

While our initial experience was quite middling, I would say that our most recent experience is much improved. They aren’t perfect, but the Syllable Wireless D900 Earphones have quite a bit of promise.

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The Review

D900Mini Syllable Earphones

7 Score

"Wireless Bluetooth earphones that work with all Bluetooth enabled devices. Sweatproof and easy to pair, these are perfect for use at the gym, or out for a walk."

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The Good

  • Sound quality was enjoyable
  • Neat design
  • Travel case will keep you going past the 2 hours of battery life

The Bad

  • Odd issues where the audio would have problems after a phone call.
  • I kind of wish there were controls on the earbuds for my device
  • Battery was passable but constant charging is required


  • Overall 70%
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