Review: Vimtag Cloud Camera – A solid option for its price

Home security camera systems are pretty expensive, but Vimtag surprisingly packs everything into an affordable setup.

I can’t say that I’ve ever really sat down and considered really owning a security camera. Just seems like the idea of setting up a hard drive, running cameras and doing everything to get it done sounds like an exhausting task that I would rather not deal with. I’ve considered grabbing a Canary or something, but they seem so pricey at $200 and up. Luckily, Vimtag sent me their wifi cloud security camera to take it for a spin.

It’s a moderately fancy looking white camera that has a swivel base and nice black highlights. It’s no Canary but hey, it could be worse.


720p quality picture


auto quality image

Before we dive in, here’s the key features: 

  • Remote live video streaming via smart phone, tablet, and PC app (no browser needed) For Pet monitoring, Nanny Cam, Business Monitoring, Security, Vacation Home Monitoring, Senior Monitoring,
  • State of the art modern design, Fashionable look. Compact size. No antenna needed, Lightweight, Strong housing, Stunning HD video quality. Remote pan and tilt to cover every corner of your room,
  • The days of paying monthly storage fees are over, video storage and playback via Vimtag Cloud storage box gives you 60 days free storage space, up to 4 cameras per box
  • Monitoring your senior loved one has become safer, loved one can call for help directly to the phone app via the Vimtag SOS button so you are alerted to watch and talk live in case help is needed
  • Real Plug and Play, Extreme easy 3 minute setup via QR Code Scan, smart Wi-Fi, Super Clear Night Vision Up to 10 Meters, 4 times Digital Zoom, Super Two-Way Voice, reliable built in Wi-Fi connection,

First off, I’ve learned that my wife’s apparent biggest fear is someone hijacking the camera and spying on us. She’d go out of her way to attempt to stay out of line of sight from the camera. It was pretty damn hilarious, like a real life Metal Gear Vicki.

Vimtag Camera The set up for the camera was easy, almost too easy. In no way was it anything to complain about, instead it was one of those things where you connect it, and then keep asking yourself if you did it correctly because that’s how easy it is. 

The monitoring ability of the app is actually pretty great, you can manually control the camera, use the mic to surprise intruders or people trying to avoid the camera. It also let’s you use the 2-way ice to work as a makeshift communication device. I remote. It really does work wonderfully.

After playing with some of the features, I decided to go online and see how the Vimtag camera stacks up against the Canary, which is probably one of the best well-known alternatives out there. To my surprise, most of the security features of the Canary are available on the Vimtag. That’s for a fraction of the price too. It may not be as aesthetically pleasing as the Canary and may not be able to monitor air quality or have motion sensors built in, but it isn’t bad overall.

If you are looking for a camera for home security and you don’t want to dish out a ton of funds, the Vimtag camera may be exactly what you are looking for.

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The Review

Vimtag Cloud Camera

8.3 Score

"If you are looking for high end home surveillance, this is your camera. The device exceeds industry standards in all regards. Its sleek and uber-modern exterior design is testament to the unparalleled quality you will discover inside.."

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The Good

  • It's super easy to set up
  • There are tons of great features built into the app
  • Quality is pretty fantastic in comparison to competing models

The Bad

  • Some of the most secure features require a few extra purchases
  • Unlike some leading cameras, this one looks a lot like a camera (duh)
  • I did have the app freeze a few times


  • Setup 100%
  • Video quality 80%
  • Security features 70%
  • App 80%
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