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This app blows Pocket and Instapaper right out of the water

Stash has shown itself to be better than Instapaper and Pocket combined.

Stash App

Stash has shown itself to be better than Instapaper and Pocket combined.

You can find artificial intelligence being used from devices as diverse as Bluetooth speakers to the messaging apps on your smartphone. So, it is not all that surprising that a new app called Stash offers a number of advantages that you find with artificial intelligence.

How Stash Works

Stash is an app that operates in similar fashion to popular items such as Instapaper and Pocket. In fact, Stash can even import articles from both sources. But its real strength is found in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that allows it to identify what you save for faster retrieval. Stash operates on iOS, Android, Safari, and Chrome systems.

Stash app

Image: Gizmodo

However, Stash does more than just help you identify what you have recently stored, it separates them into categories that allows for faster access such as the following;

  • Articles, books, and files
  • Forums, images, and jobs
  • Movies, places, and products
  • Profiles, properties, and questions
  • Recipes, repositories, and songs
  • Video, wiki, and more

If course, if you do not like the categorization that Stash has to offer, then you can simply shut it off so that it does not occur.

Why Stash Works for You


Image: FastCoDesign

There are a number of reasons why this app has garnered so much appeal. One reason is that it only takes one click and what you have saved has been categorized for easier locating. Plus, when using Stash on the web you receive quick links for the purpose of renaming, tagging, or sharing the article. Plus, you can send it to another device or set up a reminder so that you can get back to it at some point.

When used on your mobile device, Stash can be a part of the menu using the same quick actions when you pull something from the web. It can even be inside one of the apps that you normally use so that it can save all types of articles, files, and links. To find them in Stash, simply go into the app or website and there it will be. In addition, there are other features that include the following;

  • Add items
  • Link between devices
  • Set reminders

This allows Stash to properly sort what you save so that it can be identified and retrieved quickly. That type of power allows you to save what you want and then find it in a far quicker fashion compared to standard methods of locating items.

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