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  • computex 2018 corsair computex 2018 corsair

    Here’s what Corsair showed off at Computex 2018

    It wouldn't be Computex without the king of RGB.

  • lian li strimer lian li strimer

    Some of the “best of the rest” from Computex 2018

    RGB everywhere.

  • ryzen computex 2018 ryzen computex 2018

    Here’s what AMD showed off at Computex 2018

    Core Wars 2018 - AMD just took the lead.

  • asus computex 2018 asus computex 2018

    A look at what Asus is showing this year at Computex 2018

    Spoiler: RGB, lots of RGB.

  • A look at what Gigabyte is showing at Computex 2018

    Gigabyte has taken over the entire 36th floor of the Taipei 101 tower with new motherboards, laptops, custom PCs, and peripherals.

  • intel chip computex 2018 intel chip computex 2018

    Here are some of the things Intel is highlighting at Computex 2018

    The running theme for Intel through the announcements at Computex 2018 is that PCs are overwhelmingly the platform for creation and...

  • msi computex 2018 msi computex 2018

    A look at what MSI is showing at Computex 2018

    The giant of the industry is out in force.

  • acer computex 2018 acer computex 2018

    A look at what Acer was showing at Computex 2018

    Hot on the heels of their "Next@Acer" showcase, Computex 2018 gave users the chance to get hands-on with everything announced.

  • Here’s what to expect at Computex 2018 in Taipei

    Spoiler: Lots and lots of RGB.

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