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The advantages of building your next PC

Building your own PC is cheaper and better than buying a pre-built one from the store.

gaming PC set
Image: Unsplash

Are you thinking of buying a new PC? If so, you have two options, you can walk into a local store and leave with a pre-made one, or you can build your own.

While pre-made PCs are convenient, they tend to be more expensive and less functional than tailor-made computers. 


Building your own PC is cheaper and better than buying a pre-built one from the store.

If you want a basic PC that connects to the internet, sends emails, and has a word processor, you can build one for as little as $100. Of course, you can control the price based on the PC complexity. 

If you’re a gamer, you should seriously consider building a personal gaming computer. Gaming PC is available in stores, but they are more expensive and less powerful than a DIY version.

Additionally, you can tailor the PC to your requirements. Try building a gaming PC for around $300.  

Easy upgrades 

acer aspire PC on desk with keyboard and mouse
Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

Sooner or later, a PC becomes obsolete. But you can keep it functioning indefinitely with regular upgrades saving you money in the long term.

It’s easier to upgrade a self-built PC than it is to build one that’s been manufactured. That’s due to parts availability and technical capabilities. When you buy a manufactured PC from the store, you don’t have any idea of how it’s put together on the inside.

If hardware upgrades are available, it takes time and research to install them, and you risk damage. But if you build a PC, you understand it and can make upgrades.  

Better tech 

Building a PC is an excellent idea whether you are a gamer or not. But it’s particularly advantageous if you spend hours with a control pad in your hands.

Manufactured PCs are built on production lines and don’t take gamers into account. Many don’t have adequate technology.  

For one thing, pre-built PCs have smaller cases meaning the fans are smaller, and there’s less space for cable management. This means the computer overheats more easily.

Alternatively, you can build one yourself and choose a different case to install more fans and organize cables. 

Develop skills 

curtis gaming pc
Image: Curtis Silver / KnowTechie

Most people are interested in developing new skills that can improve their life quality and career opportunities.

These skills include things like communication, productivity, and problem-solving; but few consider the technical skills that can be developed by building a personal computer. 

Of course, building a PC for the first time is challenging. If you haven’t done this before, you will have a lot of learning and research to carry out first.

But the upside is that you begin to understand how technology is assembled and how the systems operate – a valuable life skill.

More flexibility 

When you buy a big brand PC, you might think you’re investing in a computer with high-quality parts, but that’s not always the case.

In fact, most of the big brand PC manufacturers use cheaper component parts to increase the profit margins—another reason for a DIY PC build. 

When you build a personal computer, you get to choose the internal component parts that can support better performance and longevity.

Not only can you choose better parts, but you can tailor them to suit your PC requirements, giving you better value for money and performance.  

Zero tech support 

It’s not that you don’t have any tech support; it simply means you are the tech support.

So you don’t have to wait for hours at a time to have a small issue repaired, even when you have a guarantee for your PC. Instead, you can repair issues yourself or take measures to avoid them.  

Let’s say you have an issue with your keyboard at a time when you need it most. You could phone technical support and waste hours that could be put to better use.

Or you could try using Krytox 205g0 switch lube that you have in your toolbox from the time when you built the system.

Zero bloatware 

best repair antivirus software for computer pc
Image: PCMag

Bloatware refers to applications and files stored on your PC’s hard drive when you buy one from a big brand manufacturer.

Most manufactured PCs have some bloatware installed because they receive a revenue stream from third parties who want to promote software to a target audience.  

Bloatware is not harmful to your PC. It doesn’t take up space on your hard drive but slows your computer down without any additional installations.

This system is undesirable for most people and can be avoided by building your PC and understanding all of the component parts.  

Better warranties 

When you buy a PC from a branded manufacturer, it usually comes with a one-year warranty.

These warranties cover the PC entirely, but while they fix anything that goes wrong, you’ll have to send in the entire PC for them to fix it. So it leaves you without the computer you need to use for a time. 

When you build your PC, you create it from a range of component parts.

Not only do these individual parts have longer warranties – two or three years in most cases. But you have the ability to replace a single part without giving up the use of your PC while it gets repaired. 

More control

pc gaming
Image: Pexels

Building your own PC gives you more control over the performance and cost of the project. Not only can you buy individual parts, but you can decide what parts are worth investing in.

If you’re a gamer, for instance, it makes sense to invest in a quality graphics card over other items.   

Taking a pick-and-mix approach to building a PC means optimizing the computer for your budget and your requirements.

This is not something you can hope to achieve when you buy from a branded manufacturer; instead, you will overpay for a computer that underperforms.   

Shelf life 

Most people are locked into a consumer mindset; that’s understandable since it’s the way that commercial markets are organized.

Products are designed with a shelf-life, and consumers expect to purchase a new item periodically. But a self-built PC gives you options and autonomy.   

Not only can you buy parts best suited to your requirements and budget, but you can freely upgrade your PC at any time. In short, it has an indefinite shelf-life.

How would you like a PC that never gets old? A self-built PC gives you the capability to upgrade and stay modern.   

Problem-solving skills 

Instead of thinking of building your PC as a project or task, you can think about it as training.

When you build your personal computer, you’re training yourself to understand and repair this technology; skills that remain with you for life and one you can pass on to future generations. 

Some of the skills you’ll develop in this training include problem-solving skills. When it comes to technology, problems arise frequently, and you can’t afford to become stressed or frustrated.

Instead, you need to anticipate the problems and use it as a learning experience as you build.  

Operating systems 

windows 11 and apple logo
Image: KnowTechie

Buying a PC from the market means using whatever operating system is installed on the machine.

However, there are many operating systems available, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. Modern PCs use Windows 11, for instance, but this OS has glitches and isn’t always preferred. 

When you build a PC, you have full access to the world of operating systems.

It’s time to take this opportunity to research operating systems and what they’re capable of. It makes sense to embrace a level of customization. Forget about the limitations of store-bought PCs.  

PC communities 

Building a personal computer is a long-term project, but it doesn’t have to be a boring one.

In fact, there are plenty of PC-building communities online that you can connect with for technical knowledge and peer support. Read books but don’t forget to engage with online communities. 

Building a PC is a process of learning. But if you’re technically minded and you love to learn, it’s a suitable life project.

No matter where you are in the learning curve, there’s someone online who has encountered your problem before and can help you out. You are never on your own. 

Enjoyable process 

maingear new vybe gaming pc pax east
Image: Maingear

When you build a PC, you need to expect problems along the way; there will be technical issues, supply issues, and learning issues, along with plenty of stress and frustration.

However, if you like a challenge and you want to develop a range of skills, then DIY PC building is an excellent option.

Technically minded people will love learning about the component parts and how they connect. So if you’re project-oriented, you’ll also enjoy budgeting and getting the best tailor-made solutions.

Finally, if you’re searching for a like-minded community, there’s plenty to find online. 

Final thoughts

Building DIY PC isn’t for everyone; there are those who prefer the simplicity of swiping a card and taking a new computer home in a box.

However, remember that manufactured computers don’t always give you the best value for money or serve your purposes like a PC self-build project. 

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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