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Hound is Google and Apple’s biggest threat when it comes to voice search

When it come to voice search, Apple and Google have a serious threat to compete with. Meet Hound.


Apple and Google have been trying to master the voice search for years now, but out of the blue SoundHound just gave them all a left hook with the launch of their latest app, Hound.

In this video, SoundHound Inc. Founder & CEO, Keyvan Mohajer does examples of voice queries to Hound that show speed and accuracy, and the ability to handle context, detailed criteria, and other examples. Hound can’t do everything, of course, but, for users who believe that speaking to connected devices should be like how we speak normally – this shows that it’s now possible. So many of things that you used to type, tap and swipe for can now be done effortlessly by speaking.

The technology underpinnings of Hound, all built in-house at SoundHound Inc., include the company’s Speech-to-Meaning engine. The company has also built the Houndify platform, for developers to leverage the technology and build smart, interactive voice interfaces to their own products, services, and experiences. Almost anything that is ‘connected’ can become Houndifed.

Available in US only at this time. Need a code? Download the app. Hound on iOS is coming soon.

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