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The US will need to increase its AI funding if it wants to compete with China, says new report

The report comes from the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.

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The US has been at the forefront of artificial intelligence development for many years. However, it’s concerning that China is gaining ground fast and threatening to dethrone the US as the leader in AI development.

A government-sponsored body called the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence concluded that in a report released this week. The commission, led by the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, released a 750-page paper that looks into what will happen if China becomes the dominant force in AI. The paper also reflects on what the US should do to stay the leader in AI development. 

The report pointed towards China as the only country that possesses the ambition and talent to overtake the US as the world’s leading force in the field. The report also suggested that China will dominate AI unless the current trends don’t change. 

China has established a strong foothold in the development of 5G technology, robotics, quantum computing, and 3D printing. Schmidt and fellow commission members also noted the danger of China dominating those areas.

Schmidt commented that there is no need to start any kind of war with China to stop them from dominating AI or other tech areas. He said that competition is a good thing and that they should embrace it. At the same time, both the US Congress and the White House need to stay focused and support AI development in any way possible to match what China is doing. 

The report also calls for the US to double its research spending to $32 billion.

One of the main recommendations in the report suggests that the US needs to “maintain a two-generation advantage” over China in the development and production of semiconductors to preserve its dominance in AI. In an earlier report prepared and released by AXIOS, it was revealed that Intel was the only US company in this industry and that other foreign companies are swiftly gaining ground and threaten its dominance. 

While everyone in the US is assessing the report, China remains focused on its “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” to strengthen its domestic AI industry. This plan is backed by $150 billion in government funding and aims to make China the dominant force in AI by 2030.

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