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There’s a documentary coming out that will look to explain cryptocurrency in 60 minutes

Crypto Rush will take viewers around the world to meet many players in the world of cryptocurrency. From hackers to professionals, everyone is trying to find their piece of the pie.

Crypto Rush, the documentary by Liliana Pertenava, will look at the rise of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium while also diving into some of the more intricate parts of the blockchain and the world around it.

The movie follows Pertenava, former head of communications at the VC firm Runa Capital and current lead of communications at MyOffice, after she decided to invest some money into a cryptocurrency mining farm. “In April 2017 I invested in crypto mining of Ethereum, at the time the currency cost was only 48 dollars, a bit later it rose quickly to almost 300. I was looking for a topic to make a documentary and this seemed like a great one – to discover the brave new world of crypto and the blockchain that lies beyond it,” states Pertenava.

The documentary has the real potential to hit on two fronts when it comes to audience appeal – those who have an interest in the world of cryptocurrency but have a hard time understanding it, and those who have an interest in meeting some of the big players that are getting rich by mining the digital money. She meets with people from all walks of life, from hackers and entrepreneurs to startups and giant corporations to discuss some of the more intimate aspects of the crypto life, while using the time to also explain basics of the digital economy.

Image: Crypto Rush

Filming will take place all over the world, and will end in Singapore, where Pertenava and the team will look at startups that are using the blockchain in an attempt to help populations that are without a centralized banking industry. The team, made up of Pertenava, a creative producer, editor, and am associate producer, will also spend time in Switzerland, which is becoming a hotspot for cryptocurrency startups. The globetrotting team will be spending time in China, Germany, and the United States, as well, where they well dive deeper into the world of digital mining and currency.

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When asked about the future of cryptocurrency, Pertenava had some pretty bold predictions. “I think that in that time the fantastic bitcoin will cost over 50K dollars per coin, and it will also force many changes in the way we perceive the digital space. I think that the blockchain might give the world many innovations in terms of control over personal data and identity, which will make the web 3.0, the internet of value, eventually possible.”

The documentary is still in the filming stages with a planned release of May 2018.

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