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These are the most used Instagram filters

One of the world’s biggest social networks, Instagram is popular for its filters. They can make photos look better, so let’s learn about the most used ones.

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Instagram is one of the world’s largest social networks, currently with more than half a billion users. These are pretty big numbers, especially considering that it is now a “subsidiary” of Facebook, the number one social network worldwide.

While such a thing may be hard to assess, one might argue that filters play an important role in this success. After uploading their photos, Instagram users can make them (arguably) better by applying filters which will, ultimately, help to get more likes.

A study conducted by Yahoo! Labs and Georgia Tech analyzed more than a million Instagram photos shared in different countries and found “the best filters”. There is one main and clear conclusion: Clarendon is the preferred effect for most Instagram users around the world. However, and for as strange as it may seem, it is not the one that gets more likes – that prize goes to Valencia and Juno.

But the study goes beyond and identified the best filter for several situations. According to it, the best filter to use in nature photography is Valencia, which has an average of 121 likes per photography. For fashion photography, the choice should be Kelvin, with an average of 162 likes.

For those who like to capture a picture of their meals, the filter to go for is Skyline, which makes the colors more vibrant and appetizing, conquering about 91 likes per photo. For the ever-popular selfies, the most popular Instagram filter is… none, actually. It turns out that visitors prefer selfies without any filters, as they are the ones getting more liked. In fact, “no filter” is the second most popular option for several of the aforementioned categories.

With this information in mind, there’s really no reason to stop anyone from getting a decent number of likes on all their Instagram photos. If the photos themselves are not that special, a filter might do the trick.

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