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Top Undetectable AI Alternatives: 10 Best Tools to Bypass AI Detection

Explore these top 10 reliable Undetectable AI alternatives for seamless, high-quality content creation.

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The advent of ChatGPT in 2022 completely revamped how content is created. With new AI tools rising monthly, AI detection has become more important and complex than ever.

With time flying by, modern AI detector tools now have sophisticated algorithms and ample data to accurately spot content written by AI writers.

Once a household name in AI content creation, Undetectable AI is starting to show its age.

It will occasionally incorrectly flag content as human-created and, thus, won’t rewrite it, only to have that same content rejected by dedicated AI detectors.

This can pose a huge problem as the content may not rank in search engines at all, crushing your SEO efforts.

If this is happening to your large-scale content creation efforts, you might be wondering what to do.

The best alternatives to UndetectableAI

While Undetectable AI is still a great AI humanizer, there are other, better AI text humanization tools that can effectively replace it. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Undetectable AI alternatives.

  1. Bypass GPT – Best Undetectable AI alternative overall
  2. HIX Bypass – Best Undetectable AI alternative as part of a suite of AI-driven tools
  3. UndetectableAI.ai – Best Undetectable AI alternative for ease of use
  4. Bypass AI – Best Undetectable AI alternative that helps broaden your vocabulary
  5. Humbot – Best Undetectable AI alternative that focuses on simplicity
  6. StealthGPT – Best Undetectable AI alternative for multiple article rewrites
  7. AI Undetectable – Best Undetectable AI alternative that adapts to reading levels
  8. HideMyAI – Best Undetectable AI alternative with advanced options
  9. StealthWriter – Best Undetectable AI writer and humanizer in one tool
  10. WriteHuman – Best tool to bypass AI detection with customizable selection

Bypass GPT – Best Undetectable AI alternative overall

AI detection screenshot

As one of the best Undetectable AI alternatives, Bypass GPT showcases an advanced AI detection and writing model based on their specially developed text humanization algorithm.

It can identify AI-like signs from generative models like ChatGPT (3.5 and 4), Jasper, and Bard. After that, it creates entirely original writing while preserving the original context.

The tool works on all types of content, from short blog posts to long-form sales copy and everything in between. And it achieves all that at lightning-fast speeds.

Bypass GPT claims to get a 100% human score on the most popular AI detectors like GPTZero and Originality.AI, which can be conveniently checked by using the built-in AI score checker. 


  • Streamlined interface
  • Complete contextual coherence
  • Works with all popular AI writers and detectors
  • Scalable pricing
  • Plagiarism-free outputs


  • Limit to 1,000 words per rewrite
  • Often bulks up content


Bypass GPT has a straightforward pricing structure. There’s only one paid plan based on how many words you need to process per month, starting from $15 for 20,000 words/month, and you get a discount as low as $10 per month for an annual subscription.

Try out Bypass GPT today and instantly humanize your AI text to bypass even the most strict AI detectors on the market

HIX Bypass – Best Undetectable AI alternative as part of a suite of AI-driven tools

HIx image.
Image: KnowTechie

HIX Bypass is a part of the ever-expanding HIX.AI suite of AI tools.

As a powerful Undetectable AI alternative, HIX Bypass can transfer any AI-generated content and ensures the output gets a 100% human score on the most popular AI detectors (Originality.AI, Copyleaks, GPTZero, and more).

The tool is powered by the most advanced AI text humanization engine trained on real-time human responses, enhancing its capacity to understand, process, and deliver rewritten content that effectively mirrors human creativity and subtlety.

As an AI text humanizer, you can use it for a final checkup to ensure any content you make—articles, blog posts, reviews, you name it—will rank on browser engines.

The tool also rewrites content made by other AI writers like Bard and ChatGPT. As a bonus, it can detect and implement SEO keywords in the copy for better marketing results.


  • Adaptable pricing
  • Generous word count limit
  • Built-in AI detector and avoids plagiarism
  • Works well with other AI writers
  • Tries to preserve SEO


  • Priced separately from HIX.AI
  • Minimalistic UI lacks additional options


Price-wise, HIX Bypass has a generous offer, unlocking 2,000 words per rewrite with the Pro plan that starts at $12.99 a month for 10k words. The Ultimate plan completely removes word limits for $720 per year.

Sign up for HIX Bypass for free and start humanizing any AI-generated content like never before

UndetectableAI.ai – Best Undetectable AI alternative for ease of use

Undetectable AI software
Image: KnowTechie

UndetectableAI.ai is a handy Undetectable AI alternative that aims to relieve human writers from fearing AI detection.

Its groundbreaking adaptive humanization engine expertly detects and rewrites the most common phrases or wording structures that popular originality checkers—like OpenAI, ZeroGPT, Content at Scale, or Writer—flag as AI writing.

As such, the text still flows like natural human writing and keeps its context.

Even if you use an AI writer like Jasper, ChatGPT, or Bard to supplement your content creation process, UndetectableAI.ai will ensure the AI-written pieces align with your intent and get a 100% human score.

Best of all, the tool achieves these results on any content type.


  • Simple interface
  • Straightforward pricing
  • Keeps context and focuses on human-readability
  • Plagiarism-free output


  • Tight word limit on the basic plan


UndetectableAI.ai offers three pricing levels that determine how many words you can process per month and in one go. It starts from $10 per month for 10,000 words monthly and has a 600-word limit on input.

The Ultimate plan costs only $30 a month for 100k words and has a 2,000-word input limit.

Start using UndetectableAI.ai for free and get human-like content in seconds

Bypass AI – Best Undetectable AI alternative that helps broaden your vocabulary

BypassAI software for undetectable AI alternatives
Image: KnowTechie

Bypass AI is another excellent Undetectable AI alternative if you need a reliable AI text humanized.

It uses a proprietary human-trained text humanization engine to detect AI-written content and rewrite it without compromising the context.

Bypass AI claims to bypass all major AI detectors, like Originality.AI, Turnitin, ZeroGPT, and more.

The content you input can be your own or the pieces that you wrote with the help of ChatGPT, Bard, or any other AI producer.

The tool creates content that reads distinctly from the original, using synonyms appropriate for the context that help you broaden your own dictionary. As such, it’s excellent for students who need to write varied essays and papers.


  • Streamlined interface
  • Good pricing options
  • Keeps context and facts straight
  • Uses less-common synonyms (context-based)


  • Might make content flowery
  • Limited word counts on basic plans
  • Needs editing to make it readable
  • Relatively expensive


Apart from the free account, Bypass AI costs $14.5 per month to get 10,000 words and an input side of 500 words per piece, which might be too low for some.

On the higher end, the business plan costs $49.90 per month for 100k words per month and allows you to upload 2,000-word texts. You can also opt for the annual subscription to save extra bucks

Make a free account with Bypass AI and get your AI text to bypass AI detectors in no time

Humbot – Best Undetectable AI alternative that focuses on simplicity

Humbot homepage
Image: KnowTechie

Humbot is another legitimate Undetectable AI alternative to pass stringent AI detectors such as Copyleaks, Winston AI, ZeroGPT, and OpenAI.

Its human-trained text humanization algorithm detects the most common phrases and structures that AI detectors believe are red flags and changes them with a human-sounding alternative. 

The software works on all content types, so you can freely input blog posts, reviews, and marketing copy—whether you used AI to supplement them—and get a 100% human score.

It makes short work of even the most technical content without losing its essence, but it’s at its best for general topics and informative, down-to-earth text.


  • Straightforward yet effective
  • Works with most AI writers like ChatGPT, Bard, and Jasper
  • Consistent and plagiarism-free output
  • Simple pricing options


  • Keeps a relatively short input limit
  • Can only test for free up to 200 words


Humbot keeps things simple with pricing. There’s only one plan that scales up in price depending on how much content you need to produce.

It costs from $9.99 per month for 20,000 words to $209 per month for 760k words, with a 50% discount if you subscribe for an entire year.

Check out Humbot and start using the free plan if you want to bypass AI detection on your AI-written content

StealthGPT – Best Undetectable AI alternative for multiple article rewrites

Undetectable ai software
Image: KnowTechie

StealthGPT was among some of the earliest tools that aimed to bypass AI detection, and its engines have only gotten better.

It primarily works by reverse engineering what each popular AI detector flags and implementing those principles in its AI humanizer. 

As a reliable, undetectable AI alternative, the tool’s proprietary AI detection remover engine confidently removes most traces of AI writing while keeping the content reading as human.

Since the tool creates entirely distinct content, it can rapidly rewrite a single unoriginal piece into multiple articles that all pass AI and plagiarism detection.


  • Proprietary engines
  • Solid performance
  • Adaptable pricing
  • Advanced options available


  • Performs worse on Originality.AI than Undetectable AI
  • Stringent word limit on the lower plan
  • The whole samurai marketing thing is a bit cringe
  • Somehow still in beta


StealthGPT has three pricing tiers:

  • 100k words per month with 750-word content limit for $19.99 monthly
  • 500k words per month with 1,500-word content limit for $29.99 monthly
  • 1 million words per month with 2,000-word content limit for $39.99 monthly

AI Undetectable – Best Undetectable AI alternative that adapts to reading levels

AI undetectable program
Image: KnowTechie

AI Undetectable is another undetectable AI alternative that takes a slightly different spin on content creation. It streamlines the UI to the bare essentials.

However, it also offers somewhat unique options to shorten or bulk up the text while maintaining the original context.

The tool also allows you to select a reading level to ensure the intended audience can read the content.

You can also control whether you need it to be an AI humanizer or to generally improve writing quality with more authority and focus on the topic.

The tool claims to work with most AI generators and pass stringent AI detectors to help students bypass any barriers to learning. It also offers a premium engine for better unpredictability and improved flow.


  • Minimalistic interface
  • Adapts to reading levels
  • You control whether the output is longer or shorter
  • Uses a credit purchase system


  • The UI looks a bit unprofessional
  • The credit system can quickly ramp up in cost


As mentioned, AI undetectable uses one-time purchase credits instead of monthly word limits. You can get 10,000 words for $5.99 or 50,000 regular words and 25,000 premium words for $19.99.

HideMyAI – Best Undetectable AI alternative with advanced options

Image: KnowTechie

HideMyAI works by semantically processing what you input into it and keeps that context as the base for its AI writer.

This handy Undetectable AI alternative detects and rewrites the most common AI artifacts to keep the base of the content intact.

After that, HideMyAI uses a few AI detectors to keep rechecking and rewriting until it approaches 100% human score. 

The try-and-repeat process might take a bit more time, but it ensures the content works flawlessly.

The tool can rewrite text written by the most common AI generators like ChatGPT, Jasper, Word.ai, and Bard, and checks against GoogleBot, OpenAI, Bing Indexing, and GPTZero.


  • Advanced rewriting settings
  • Stores writing history
  • Dual subscription and pay-as-you-go models
  • Focuses on passing indexing checkers


  • Gets prohibitively expensive at higher word counts
  • Somewhat unintuitive free model


Apart from the free plan, users can pay from $8.25 to $145.2 per month for between 10k and 200k words. If you happen to need more, you can use one-time credit purchases to supplement the plan until the next payment period.

StealthWriter – Best Undetectable AI writer and humanizer in one tool

Image: KnowTechie

StealthWriter focuses on humanizing AI-written text to help bypass AI detection but is also a writer itself.

Its suite of tools is decent, allowing you some control over the output, such as how drastically the sentences are changed, which may influence the end context.

Users can also have the tool generate content from scratch, making it a pseudo-generator.

This useful Undetectable AI alternative claims to pass the most popular originality detection tools and rewrites content from all modern AI writers like ChatGPT, Bard, or Jasper.

The dual function of writing and AI detection removal makes it an excellent multi-purpose content creation tool.


  • Straightforward with advanced functions
  • Premium mode with a more nuanced engine available
  • Has a generator option
  • No monthly wordcount limits for the basic engine


  • Limited free account options
  • Extremely stringent content upload limits for basic plans


StealthWriter mainly promotes its advanced “Ghost” engine, with the basic engine available even for a free plan with no overall limit.

The basic plan costs $40 per month for 20,000 words with the advanced model, while the premium plan costs $100 per month for 100k words.

Upload limits per piece are 300, 400, and 2,000 for free, basic, and premium, respectively.

WriteHuman – Best tool to bypass AI detection with customizable selection

writeman website
Image: KnowTechie

WriteHuman aims to bypass AI detection with a modern machine-learning engine that detects common AI-created fragments and replaces them with more natural constructs that still read genuine.

It tries to keep context intact and score as a human on the most common AI checkers such as Turnitin, GPTZero, and ZeroGPT. 

The tool can also improve the readability of human-written content and ensure it doesn’t get a false positive flag.

Additionally, you can customize what parts of the text you want to keep intact by placing it in [brackets]. This helps you preserve SEO-specific content and industry-related vocabulary.


  • Straightforward to use
  • Budget-friendly advanced paid plans
  • Works on content written by most AI writers
  • Can save parts of the input


  • Extremely limited free plan
  • Basic plans have a monthly request limit


Similar to most AI tools, WriteHuman offers a few rigid payment tiers.

The basic plan is relatively generous at 600 words per request and 60 requests per month (36,000 words total) for $8 per month, while the advanced plan removes request limits and ups individual pieces to 3,000 words, which is among the highest among these tools.

Other ways to bypass AI detection

A.I. hand robotic AI tools
Image: Pexels

If you’re not convinced that Undetectable AI or any of the listed text humanizers can help you outsmart the ever-smarter AI content detectors currently on the market, there are a few ways you can try to get 100% human score.

First, you can use an AI detector that selects pieces of text it deems AI-written and rewrites them by yourself.

This may take some time, and you’ll likely need to make repeat checks on the entire content to ensure nothing new pops up due to changed context.

For best results, switch up common sentence structures and avoid making sentences with similar lengths in a paragraph.

Additionally, stray from traditional transitional words and how they’re used in a sentence. Most AI writers have a well-developed sense of transition and cadence, so that’s among the first aspects an AI detector notices.

Alternatively, you can use a content writing service to get more reliable results. This saves you time from writing the content yourself, but it can cost a lot more to find a good writer.

Truly undetectable AI writing starts here

Considering the rapid development of AI tools and language-learning models, newer models have become incredibly precise in detecting common phrases that machine-learning models rely on for bulk generation.

As such, older tools like Undetectable AI might falter when checked against a modern AI detector.

If you want to make your AI content more “humanized” to bypass any AI detection tools and want your content to get higher ranks on Google, use one of the top 10 AI humanizer tools on our list.

Among these 10 great options, we recommend you try out Bypass GPT today and see how much your content creation efforts improve.

Have any thoughts on this? Drop us a line below in the comments, or carry the discussion to our Twitter or Facebook.

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