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This is how to get early access to new iOS and Android features

Want early access to the latest iOS and Android software updates before all your friends? We’ll show you how.

Android beta

Want early access to the latest iOS and Android software updates before all your friends? We’ll show you how.

While most people are perfectly content with their phone exactly how it is, there is a group of us out there who wants the newest features, the latest builds, even if that means dealing with unpolished operating systems. If you’re interested in getting these beta builds for both Android and iOS, keep reading below.

iOS beta

Apple beta

Signing up for the iOS beta program is a pretty easy thing to accomplish. It’s also available on pretty much any newer iPad or iPhone.

Simply sign up on the Apple Beta website here. From there, provide your Apple ID and password, select iOS, and enroll your phone or tablet into the program. It is recommended that you backup your device at this point, because whenever using something in beta there are chances for data loss and other phone issues.

Once your backup is complete, just head here from your iOS device, click the Download Profile.

Android beta

Android beta

The Android beta is a little different and the number of devices it supports is low considering the number of Android devices available. Devices available for the Android beta include: Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus 5X and 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C, and General Mobile 4G (Android One).

If you have one of these devices, continue on to the Android Beta Program page. It will ask you to sign into your Google account before proceeding. Once in, you’ll see a list of the phones available, simply find yours and click on Enroll Me. Your device will have an update pushed to it and that’s it!

If at some point you decide you want to leave either beta program, simply head here for iOS and for Android just click on “Unenroll Device” on the same page you used to sign up.

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