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Why are mobile casinos so popular right now?

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One of the hardest things to do these days is to find a person that does not own a mobile phone. They became an inevitable part of a person’s life, almost a necessity when it comes to communication. However, mobile devices are more and more used for fun and entertainment. Just imagine more than 150 billion people all around the world, and you will get an average number of those that play online casino games on the go.

The fact is that more and more players use their portable devices to enjoy online games but what are the main reasons? Why are mobile casinos so popular now?

The Evolution of Mobile Gaming

Money and mobile are a momentous part of online casino stories in two main ways. First of all, if we go back to the beginning of internet gaming, we will remember that it was almost impossible to imagine to do anything else over our phone than playing free and demo versions of a slot or a table game.

Today, however, players can not only enjoy the product itself but also invest in it with all the options as the regular ones. They can deposit and make withdrawals over the phone muсh faster. They can use bank accounts as well as their casino profile accounts within minutes. The iGaming life has become easier, faster, and more simple.

Mobile Casino Benefits

We could probably say the future of gaming lies in the mobile industry. Technical evolution brought great influence to the gambling world and software providers are putting significant focus on mobile features. It is considered a flaw if a slot or a table game do not have a mobile version with the same characteristics. The first thing that makes them so popular among gamblers is the accessibility.


Mobile casinos are easily available. They are bringing the fastest game and give you a chance not to have to sit by the desktop computer all the time. This can be an advantage of mobiles, especially when it comes to in-play, type of sports betting where gamblers have to follow every last minute of a particular game and sometimes bet numerous times during only one match.

Mobile players, as statistics show, spend up to three times more time on playing than desktop gamblers. The answer is not in the way online casinos work rather than in mobility, speed, and the possible potential prizes. People tend to check their phones more than 200 times a day – therefore chances to start a game in a bank for when in a subway are bigger and better.


Actually, the expansion of portable devices has changed users behavior over time. Now they play more often online, with immediate access to a wider range of betting options. Some companies, like Pink Casino Mobile are completely dedicated to converting not only slots but also table games, and real-time pieces into mobile versions.

To put things in a simple perspective – it seems that mobile pieces are more appealing than regular computer platform. There are two major reasons for that:

  • What you get from it – The obvious plus of mobile casinos is the fact you can play on the go. Leading software companies are making more and more products available on small screens. Things you get as a player is high-quality graphics, often identical features and rules as in the desktop version. What is more important, games on portable gadgets usually contain the same bonus rounds and winning chances, putting you in the same position as you were on your regular computer;
  • What you can get from it – In the beginning, online casino companies were establishing special welcome bonuses in order to promote mobile play. Even though today portable devices are getting more popular every day, many gambling houses give additional bonuses for those that register from their mobile phone. The procedure is usually quite simple. Either bettors can browse directly from the web or they can use special mobile applications (for Android, iOS, Apple, etc);

Future of Mobile Casinos

One of the rare concerns of bettors is the level of security in online mobile casinos. However, nowadays companies are completely devoted to increase the safety and raise it up to the highest standards. Like land-based and common internet companies these are also license holders, tested and checked from the third party institutions. And what does that means in numbers? Well, just imagine more than 150 million people all around the globe on their devices enjoying slot machines and you will get the current image of users. Many like to say, mobile phones are the future. However, it looks like the future is in the mobile phones, including online casino entertainment.

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