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Why is bitcoin the best bet among cryptocurrencies?

Because it is the most reliable and liked by the people, it is more expensive and costly than the others.

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Numerous types of cryptocurrencies have proved to be the most profitable when invested. When it comes to the attainment of sky-reaching profits we think that you will be ready to invest some of your time first in reading the article below. The market of cryptocurrencies contains more than 500 types of coins.

Cryptocurrency is the world of digital money, while Bitcoin is one of the bigger chunks and heart of the cryptocurrency. Up till now Bitcoin has been the most demanded and liked by many folks but there are many other currencies that have also achieved higher positions in the eyes of the people. Bitcoin the daddy holds 60 % of the total share in the market of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the most user-friendly, solid investment one can go for if he/she is new to the world of digital money.

As cryptocurrency rapidly is gaining credibility and trust, among many so we decided to help you further in building trust by explaining the prominence of the bitcoin currency. Its investment potential, unique features, and mechanisms are like an event of celebration to us. There are hundreds of ICO cryptocurrencies out there. Visit Bitcoin Billionaire official website to learn more about buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Factors explaining bitcoin is the hottest in the cryptocurrency world

User-friendly: It is user-friendly for newcomers in the world of cryptocurrency. 60% share of the cryptocurrency market flows in the hands of bitcoin. Major financial players such as investors have successfully played in its volatile nature also, without losing much loss as it offers a safe bet for them.

Bitcoin as the Leader: It dominates the value of other coins also, thus creating a ripple effect. Its highest value to date is $ 19,892 USD at the end of 2017.

The Market Bubble: It was created by bitcoin due to doubling its value in less than the span of a month. It offers efficient means in transferring money online with the help of the internet on the user computer. Bitcoin as a new beginner in 2009 was stimulated with the tokens capped at 21 million of them. The Bitcoin supply is predicted to be 19 million in 2022. Due to the magnificent increase in number bitcoin’s protocol was enhanced and end to end encrypted by the use of the power of computer software in Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin’s Supply & Circulation: It has a lot of relaxation from the governments of the developed country. Bitcoin can reach in its divisibility up to 8 decimals, a smaller unit can be equal to 0.000000001. This smallest unit is labeled as Satoshi, it helps in an amount of quadrillions of individual units to be distributed among the global economy.

Bitcoin’s Utility: It is supported by one of the biggest technologies called block chain technology. It is a distributor that needs no trust, because this technology is meant to be honest with its users. This technology eases the tensions of trust between the user of the computer.

Bitcoin’s Transportation: It is done by e-wallets and some other helping tools. Bitcoin reached its destination within minutes. The large size of transactions uses very low cost for fuel to travel. The blockchain, bitcoin mining and its wallet are all digital that uses electricity in general for its procedure no physical contact and representation in Bitcoin is done.

Durability in the field of Bitcoin is all because of its digital form of payments that does not welcome any physical harm and insecurity during payments. It cannot be torn out or destroyed similar to the dollar paper currency. Bitcoin cannot be lost; it is with you in your e-wallets called bitcoin wallet.


After Bitcoin, Ethereum has earned the most popularity. In recent years the price of this currency has soared up. It now costs $579. Ethereum was upgraded and the new version was named as ethereum 2.0 which might be one of the reasons why the cost has shot up. It is the most used blockchain after Bitcoin.

Ripple has extremely low exchange rates. As there is no bank service required thus a little process of validation adds to the benefits of Ripple (XPR). Ripple connects with different banks through its services. This makes it a reliable cryptocurrency for investment and profits. If compared with other coins this has turned out to be the most affordable.

Litecoin has shown quite an impressive performance in a very short time period. Many people have chosen the path of investing in Litecoin as it has proved to be the eighth largest cryptocurrency coin in 2020. The cost of this currency is only $68 because of which it comes under the category of affordable cryptocurrency.

BAT Basic attention token had a huge fan base in 2018 and this rise in popularity was not temporary. It prevailed till this day as it has many services to offer to its users. IT sectors specialist, content writers, the PR groups and many such people have appreciated its performance. This was made by the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox and like Mozilla Firefox this crypto currency has also won hearts all over the globe. 

Final Verdict

Bitcoin is valued upon the market value, bitcoin currency, and its store value is penetrated by the use of overall total analysis. In one or the other event of your life you might have heard of this cryptocurrency. It is the first one that started ruling the market of cryptocurrencies.

Because it is the most reliable and liked by the people, it is more expensive and costly than the others. Although it is the most expensive, it has left people gasping for air with amazement. Honestly, people have got an unbelievably high return after the investments.       

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