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Why Trade CFDs with PrimeXBT: CFD trading explained

CFDs offer the ultimate flexibility in derivatives, and PrimeXBT provides the most variety and expansive features under one roof.

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As the crypto market grows, both spot markets and derivatives are doing so at a similar pace. This suggests that although adoption is hastening, there are just as many who prefer to speculate over Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies instead of investing, and each is drawing equal amounts of attention.

There’s no telling which side is right, but both sides can be profitable. And if it is profits that matter most, only one side – spot or derivatives – is the ultimate tool for growing capital that fastest. 

Buying and selling is one way to trade, but it leaves one direction of the market wholly ignored. With derivatives, traders can go long or short and profit from either way the market heads next. Derivatives can further be broken down into Futures, Options, and CFDs – each with their own pros and cons. Here’s why trading CFDs is best, and why you should do so with PrimeXBT.

What Are CFDs?

Derivatives give traders all kinds of flexibility and control over trading instruments, so why then get stuck tied up in a contract that’s bound to some kind of expiry or premium. Futures, for example, are contracts that must be settled at a future date when that time arrives. With Options there is no requirement to settle the contract but there is still an expiry and for the lack of requirement there’s a hefty premium to pay.

With CFDs, traders can go long and short, but can settle the contract at any time they want, or open a new contract. This gives traders more control, flexibility, and freedom in their positions. And by taking more positions more often, and not being bound to some time period, more money can be made faster.

Why Trade CFDs? 

Trading CFDs is lucrative and the ideal way to speculate over markets, especially volatile markets like crypto. Crypto in fact makes the best possible example and use case for why CFDs are best.

Take the recent crypto crash for example. Anyone who buys and sells would have likely suffered dramatic losses had they continued to hold, and they would have to buy Bitcoin again at some point hoping a bottom is in. If they’re wrong, they take on more risk.

With CFDs, a trader could have instead gone short Bitcoin and profited from the downtrend, and could reduce exposure to crypto-assets until they were more confident a bottom was in. All the while, they could search for signals using technical analysis tools to confirm the idea.

Why Trade CFDs On PrimeXBT?

Trading CFDS on PrimeXBT is easy to get started, and the award-winning platform has all the advanced trading tools anyone needs to maximize their CFD trading. In addition to built-in charting software, stop loss orders, and much more, traders can also go long and short on more than 50 different trading instruments including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, metals, stock indices, and more.

The entire arsenal is here for any trader, new or experienced, to get the job down and learn to become successful. There’s also a company blog with trading tips, guides, and more advice to help get newcomers on their feet. 

For those that can’t get it right or just need a break to regroup, there’s also the Covesting copy trading module. Using Covesting, rather than trade CFDs themselves, traders can become followers of other more successful strategy managers all ranked by profits on the global leaderboard system.


CFDs offer the ultimate flexibility in derivatives, and PrimeXBT provides the most variety and expansive features under one roof. Combined, the power of PrimeXBT and CFDs can be a one-two punch for making profits regularly. 

For those at the top of their game, traders can become strategy managers on Covesting for followers to copy. Those that do, earn a cut from profitable trades using follower capital.

Now that you no longer have to wonder how does CFD work, it is time to put your knowledge and skills to the test. With so much variety for traders to choose from and each tool more advanced than the next, PrimeXBT is the best platform for trading CFDs on crypto.

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