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10 awesome things you probably never knew you can do on the internet

Online world

The internet has many advantages that yet need to be explored. Browse through this list to make the most of the online world.

You might think that you know the Internet pretty well by now, but you’d be wrong. For example, you can design and print your own 3D creations, or download songs as you drive your car. With the help of the right sites, you can blog at light speed, publish your novel, clean your garage, and get free tech help. Here’s a list of 10 amazing things you can do online.

Blog at light speed

If you want to say something right away, Bubbler is your medium. This tool makes blogging easy, with a helpful desktop that handles file uploads. It enables you to post entries, publish images, and share files with just a few mouse clicks, without dealing with posting tools and log-in windows.

Find older versions of almost any website

The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine stores copies of over 150 billion web pages dating back from 1996. Just type in a web address and you can go back in time and scroll through your favorite website. For quick trips down the memory lane, add a Wayback bookmarklet to your Firefox or Opera toolbar. One click on the button will call up the archive of the site you’re viewing.

Design and print your own 3D creations

These sites help you realize your own 3D ideas. If you already have a design, you can upload the mockup file, and the company will print it out for you.

Share music and videos no matter where you are

Using Streamload, you can upload gigabytes of music and video files (as well as Word docs, presentations, and more) and share them with any other Streamload user you choose (provided you have the legal right to use the material). You can stream or download media files to any computer, so you can watch your home videos even when you’re far away from home.

Get free tech help

Tech Support Guy is not as fast as a call to tech support, but it can be more productive. Post your question to the site’s 24 forums or search more than 300,000 threads to find an answer.

Hire a husband

For those who are busy at their jobs and don’t have time for small home tasks, Husband to rent is a great solution. You can get assistance in jobs including fixing furniture, painting, cleaning, setting up satellite TV, furniture arranging and renovation.

Clean out your garage

If you have a bunch of old stuff in your garage and want to trade them for something better, you’ll like SwapThing. You can swap items such as music, art, and old schoolbooks, or offer them for sale. You can list items for free. The site charges each party a dollar for every item swapped or sold.

Get a divorce

Apart from hiring a husband, you can also get a divorce online. If you wish to end your marriage with the help of the Internet, you can turn to California’s online services for help. California Divorce Online provides you with all the necessary information and assistance to guide you through your divorce.

Publish a novel

Publishing has never been easier on Just upload a document and follow a wizard to choose the book’s size, format, cover art, and price or commission. Lulu takes 20% of the cover price. You can sell your book via Lulu,, or your own web site. If you order copies for yourself, you pay only binding and printing costs.

Take MIT physics courses for free

If you’re interested in physics, you can find video lectures, notes, assignments and solutions on the Open Courseware site. You’ll be able to learn everything from mechanics to astrophysics, just like MIT undergrads and graduate students, and all that for free.

Internet has many advantages that yet need to be explored. Browse through these to make the most of the online world.

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