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10 best AI math solver tools for math problem-solving

Homework AI makes it easier for students to learn difficult subjects. Boost your assignment and exam grades with these best AI homework helpers.

Math problem
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The traditional approach to learning involves acquiring knowledge through listening and observation.

However, professionally trained AI can better accommodate different learning styles and enhance comprehension by offering tailored, on-demand learning assistance, especially in challenging subjects like mathematics.

As a subject many students struggle with, having access to a reliable AI math solver is invaluable. Math AI solvers can provide students and other learners with instant homework help outside the classroom at any time when needed.

They can also help improve students’ math test scores and build their mathematical skills over time. Let’s look at some of the best math AI tools for mathematical problem-solving:

Ten best AI math solver tools

1. Mathful – Best AI math solver overall

2. HIX Tutor – Best AI math solver for rapid homework response

3. AI Math – Best AI math solver for increasing math test scores

4. HomeworkAI – Best AI math solver for 24/7 math homework help

5. GeniusTutor – Best AI math solver for high-level learning 

6. Mathway – Best AI math solver for solving algebra problems

7. Air Math – Best AI math solver for mobile uses

8. StudyMonkey – Best AI math solver for in-depth explanations 

9. Interactive Mathematics – Best AI math solver for comprehensive chat support

10. Smodin – Best AI math solver for step-by-step solutions

Mathful – Best AI math solver overall

Mathful AI math solver
Image: Mathful

Mathful is an AI-powered math homework solver that provides step-by-step answers to all types of math questions.

The math AI tool uses a large language model and advanced algorithms to help students improve their math grades and prepare for exams.

Mathful has proven to be one of the most accurate AI math solvers, boasting a remarkable 98% accuracy rate across various mathematical disciplines, such as calculus, algebra, and geometry.

Mathful can also help students of all levels, from elementary school to university and beyond.

Mathful can help students improve their math grades in school by enforcing core math concepts and providing detailed explanations that promote comprehension.

Students can start using Mathful for free; low-cost subscription plans are available after the initial trial. 


  • Able to provide highly accurate solutions and comprehensive explanations.
  • Can process text and image files.
  • Able to solve a variety of question types. 
  • Available to use 24/7. 


  • It cannot replace a real classroom education. 

Get instant answers to Math homework questions with Mathful AI math solver >>>

HIX Tutor – Best AI math solver for rapid homework response

HIX Tutor program for writing
Image: HIX

HIX Tutor is a powerful AI homework helper that provides comprehensive support in many subjects, such as chemistry, biology, and physics.

It also serves as a personal AI math tutor, helping students boost their math grades and overall academic success. 

To use HIX Tutor’s advanced math AI, type in a math problem or upload an image or document of the question.

The tool instantly generates a detailed explanation for each problem step, helping students understand the underlying math concepts. 

HIX Tutor’s AI math problem solver can help save users time spent struggling with complicated math assignments.

Try the AI math solver at no cost. Once you’ve reached your question limit, upgrade to an affordable monthly or annual plan.


  • Delivers step-by-step solutions to math questions.
  • Trained on a large math knowledge dataset. 
  • Reduces time spent on math homework. 


  • Requires payment after the initial trial. 
  • Some students may only use the tool to get answers without learning. 

Streamline the math learning experience with HIX Tutor’s math AI solver >>>

AI Math – Best AI math solver for increasing math test scores

AIMath home page with a children doing math homework.
Image: AIMath

How you prepare for a math test can significantly impact your performance.

AI math solvers like AI Math help take the frustration out of studying by providing thorough explanations that teach students how to tackle similar math problems. 

The AI math problem solver generates answers to questions in under 10 seconds with a 99% accuracy rate.

AI Math supports over 30 languages so that students can get responses in their native language for better understanding.

Students who use AI Math to supplement their classroom education experience an increase in their math test scores of up to 35%. Starting with AI Math is free; subscriptions cost just a few dollars a month.


  • Covers most branches of math, such as arithmetic and trigonometry.
  • Walks students through the solution to facilitate understanding. 
  • Can solve simple to complex math problems.


  • Does not currently offer advanced math features. 

Choose AI Math and study for math tests in a smarter way >>>

HomeworkAI – Best AI math solver for 24/7 math homework help

Homework AI writing program
Image: Homework AI

Students often need help with homework outside of traditional school hours. AI math solver tools like HomeworkAI allow students to get comprehensive support round-the-clock.

Much like a personal tutor, HomeworkAI focuses on teaching students how to solve homework problems instead of simply giving answers. 

HomeworkAI can handle math problems with multiple solution methods, meaning a primary solution and possible alternative approaches.

It can also analyze textbook material with practice math questions to aid students’ studies. 

While HomeworkAI excels in helping students complete math assignments with high precision, this AI homework tool can also help students in other school subjects, such as biology, physics, chemistry, literature, and history.

Try HomeworkAI for free, or choose from a low-cost subscription plan for unlimited uses. 


  • Allows students to work at their own pace at home. 
  • User-friendly platform is easy to navigate. 
  • It can help students excel in many subjects, including math.


  • This may cause students to rely too much on online math-solving platforms. 
  • Rarely, solutions may be outdated or incorrect. 

Try HomeworkAI and get instant help for your math homework >>>

5. Genius Tutor – Best AI Math Solver for High-Level Learning

GeniusTutor AI writing program
Image: GeniusTutor

Genius Tutor is a versatile AI tutor and homework helper that can help students build their math skills and gain confidence in their academic abilities.

While the AI math solver is geared toward all types of learners, it is best suited for high school and college-level students.

The AI math problem solver provides a step-by-step breakdown for math questions of all types, showing the exact process of figuring out math problems and concepts.

Genius Tutor also highlights and explains important theorems, formulas, and rules so that students know when and how to use them.

Genius Tutor not only helps students complete math homework assignments in record time but can also help them prepare for exams.

No credit card is needed to try Genius Tutor, and budget-friendly paid subscriptions are available after the free trial.


  • Can help students with all mathematical disciplines.
  • Provides in-depth guides that foster lifelong learning. 
  • Gives instant feedback on a variety of homework questions. 


  • May not provide accurate solutions to highly complex math problems. 

Genius Tutor’s AI math solver can instantly elevate your math learning experience >>>

Mathway – Best AI math solver for solving algebra problems

Mathway program app
Image: Mathway

Algebra is a complex branch of mathematics that many students struggle with in high school and college.

Mathway offers a sophisticated AI math solver designed to solve algebra homework questions, from word problems to complex mathematical operations that form meaningful expressions.

The math solver AI tool combines an algebra calculator with a conversational chatbot. Simply type in a math problem or upload a photo and get instant step-by-step solutions. 

Mathway also offers AI-driven math problem solvers for other branches of math, such as calculus, statistics, chemistry, and physics.


  • The clean interface is easy to use. 
  • You can upload documents on a computer or mobile device. 
  • It makes it easy to master algebraic concepts. 


  • Additional features require a paid upgrade. 
  • Does not always provide detailed explanations. 

Air Math – Best AI math solver for mobile uses

AIRMATH AI math program

Nowadays, many students rely on their smartphones or other mobile devices for homework help. Air Math is a smart AI math solver app available on Apple and Android devices.

Once installed, the Air Math app allows students to snap and solve math homework questions in under three seconds.

The innovative math AI solver can solve everything from geometry questions to word problems.

The 24/7 instant solutions include step-by-step solutions to teach students how to solve the problem independently. 

If you still have problems understanding the explanations, Air Math can connect you with professional math experts worldwide at any time. 


  • Free to use.
  • Offers support on mobile devices.
  • You can ask expert math tutors for additional assistance. 
  • Students can download the Chrome Extension on the web. 


  • The app may not accurately read handwritten math questions. 

StudyMonkey – Best AI math solver for in-depth explanations 

Study Monkey homepage
Image: StudyMoney

StudyMonkey is a free AI homework helper that provides academic assistance in many areas, including mathematics.

The powerful AI math solver saves students time and headaches by instantly generating solutions to complex math problems, preventing long homework sessions. 

Type in the math problem, and StudyMonkey provides an accurate answer, detailed explanation, and steps to solve the problem to make it easier to understand.

This platform also retains a history of past questions asked, allowing students to review and revisit solutions anytime, aiding in effective long-term learning. 


  • Can handle math problems from first grade to expert. 
  • Offers a free plan. 


  • Math features are limited.
  • Can not upload images or documents. 
  • You must pay for a subscription to ask more than three questions daily.

Interactive Mathematics – Best AI math solver for comprehensive chat support

Interactive Mathematics
Image: Interactive Mathematics

Many students are familiar with chatbots, making Interactive Mathematics a popular option for homework help.

The state-of-the-art AI math problem solver claims to be more accurate than ChatGPT and more powerful than a math calculator. Its speed also surpasses human math tutors. 

Using Interactive Mathematics for homework help is also very simple.

You can type in your math question or upload an image, and the tool immediately sets to work, with the added benefit of offering solutions through a chatbot-style conversation that simulates a real-time, interactive math problem-solving session.


  • You can help students improve their grades.
  • Chat-based real-time problem-solving
  • Offers bonuses like SAT/ACT prep courses. 


  • Users can only ask three questions before reaching the free question limit.

Smodin – Best AI math solver for step-by-step solutions

Smodin program
Image: Smodin

The Smodin Math AI Homework Solver can help if you’re struggling with math homework.

This unique tool uses machine learning and AI algorithms to efficiently solve all types of math problems, from formulas to equations.

The tool also promises high accuracy, reducing the risk of submitting incorrect answers. 

Smodin doesn’t just provide a final answer to your query. It provides both brief answers and comprehensive explanations to help you better understand the concept.

It also shows a variety of relevant web answers and links to other resources, such as YouTube videos. 


  • Users must make an account to start using Smodin.
  • Step-by-step solutions are highly detailed and engaging. 
  • Can help students ace their math exams. 


  • Free users are limited to 3 daily credits. 
  • Cannot upload images or documents. 

Final thoughts

Many students struggle with math, but that doesn’t mean they must settle for bad grades. With the right AI math solver, students can confidently develop their math skills and complete assignments and exams. 

Based on our assessments, Mathful easily stands out from the pack. It is a sophisticated AI math problem solver that offers enhanced problem-solving capabilities, accurate solutions, and affordable subscription plans.

Try Mathful for free and achieve greater academic success.

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