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10 Best Homework AI: Free Online AI Tutoring That Helps You Study

Boost your assignment and exam grades with these best AI homework helpers.

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Did you struggle to grasp the concepts taught in class and find it difficult to finish your homework? This is a common struggle for many students.

While some can seek assistance from a tutor, others may face barriers in accessing such support.

How can we address this issue and ensure equal educational opportunities for everyone? The solution lies in homework AI.

Leveraging the power of AI, homework AI tools provide users with accurate answers and offer detailed explanations, aiding in a deeper comprehension of the subject matter.

If you need help with your studies, explore this guide highlighting the top 10 AI homework helpers that can effectively assist you.

1. Genius Tutor – Best homework AI helper overall 

2. ExamUp – Best homework AI helper for improving test grades

3. HIX Tutor – Best homework AI helper for in-depth guides

4. Question AI – Best homework AI helper for affordable tutoring 

5. HomeworkAI – Best homework AI helper for all education levels

6. Mathful – Best homework AI helper for accurate math solutions

7. TutorEva – Best homework AI helper for animated AI help

8. Brainly – Best homework AI helper for community access

9. AI Tutors – Best homework AI helper for mobile use 

10. OddityAI – Best homework AI helper for better writing 

Genius Tutor – Best homework AI helper overall 

GeniusTutor AI homework helper home page
Image: GeniusTutor

Stuck on a homework question? Genius Tutor is designed to give users instantaneous answers to all types of homework problems.

The groundbreaking AI homework help tool provides comprehensive support for many subjects, including math, biology, physics, literature, history, and chemistry. 

Powered by the most advanced AI model, it understands the context of your questions.

Regardless of difficulty, it breaks down solutions into manageable steps and offers comprehensive and clear explanations for the answers.

While it is best tailored toward high school and college students, anyone can benefit from using the tool to elevate their education. You can start using Genius Tutor for free with no hidden costs. 


  • Provides a step-by-step breakdown of homework questions. 
  • Highlights key formulas, rules, and formulas. 
  • Fosters learning in a comfortable, judgment-free environment. 


  • It is a straightforward tool without many extra features. 

Explore the capabilities of the Genius Tutor AI homework helper. 

ExamUp – Best homework AI helper for improving test grades

Examup homepage with a AI homework solver and a teen on a laptop.
Image: ExamUp

Exams can be a major source of stress for students. ExamUp reduces the pressure placed on students to memorize large amounts of information by simplifying complex concepts. 

It breaks down homework problems step by step, explaining the “why” and “how” of each solution.

Additionally, it features multilingual support, enabling users to grasp the concepts in their native languages for enhanced understanding.

The unique AI homework help tool is available 24/7 and acts like an online tutor whenever and wherever students want to study.

ExamUp offers a free plan that students can access at no cost. For advanced features, consider upgrading to a paid subscription. 


  • Supports over 30 different languages. 
  • It contains a built-in plagiarism detector to ensure original answers. 
  • Provides guidance on math, computer science, and more. 


  • ExamUp is not yet available as an app for smartphones.

Try ExamUp to get a powerful AI homework helper to ace your next exam. 

HIX Tutor – Best homework AI helper for in-depth guides

HIX AI homework helper
Image: HIX.AI

HIX Tutor is a sophisticated AI homework tool that enables students to gain a deeper understanding of their coursework.

This smart tutoring technology delivers comprehensive, in-depth guides that clearly explain the homework topic in a way that students at all grade levels can understand. 

HIX Tutor is a trustworthy study assistant with a 98% accuracy rate, ensuring you get correct answers on your homework.

Start using HIX Tutor for free to see if it works for you. Monthly and annual plans are available for frequent users. 


  • Covers a wide range of subjects, including foreign languages. 
  • Supports several inputs, such as image and document uploads. 
  • Can understand textbook material and assist with practice problem-solving. 


  • Requires a paid subscription after the initial free trial. 

Uncover the academic possibilities of HIX Tutor’s AI homework solver. 

Question AI – Best homework AI helper for affordable tutoring

QuestionAI image of girl on laptop illustration
Image: QuestionAI

Many students could benefit from having a personal tutor, but most families cannot afford this luxury.

Question AI serves as a personal AI tutor that makes it easier for students to tackle difficult subjects in school, such as math and science. 

The innovative ChatGPT homework tool alternative has a 98% accuracy rate and is more affordable than hiring a human tutor.

Anyone can try Question AI for free. To continue asking questions after the free trial, choose a low-cost subscription.


  • Supports more than 100 languages, such as English, German, and French.
  • It can be integrated into homework routines to promote learning.
  • It helps students learn the material and achieve higher grades in school. 


  • Students may become too dependent on it.

Use QuestionAI to solve homework question and unlock your learning potential. 

HomeworkAI – Best homework AI helper for all education levels

HomeworkAI homepage
Image: HomeworkAI

HomeworkAI is a convenient tool for instant assistance with assignments. The highly accurate AI homework helper is designed to simplify homework and study sessions with instant, one-click solutions. 

The user-friendly platform is tailored to help students and lifelong learners enhance their knowledge base at every level.

HomeworkAI is suitable for elementary, middle, high, and college students. Users can try HomeworkAI for free; no credit card is required. 


  • Get expert help for everything from zoological classifications to algebra problems.
  • Reduces student stress by generating instant solutions. 
  • It can give users an academic advantage. 


  • Some solutions may lack human-like creativity.

Students at all education levels can benefit from HomeworkAI. 

Mathful – Best homework AI helper for math solutions

Mathful image
Image: Mathful

Many students agree that Math is one of the most difficult subjects. Mathful is a viable solution for students struggling to do their math homework. 

This AI homework help tool is geared toward solving all branches of math, such as calculus, geometry, and algebra.

It doesn’t just give you the answer; it also provides users with in-depth, tailored explanations that help students better understand the math at hand.

It is free to try, and budget-friendly subscriptions are available. 


  • Supports grades from elementary math to university level.
  • It can assist with statistics, word problems, and more. 
  • The tool uses encrypted transmissions and is safe to use. 


  • It is limited to math homework help. 

Use Mathful to complete your math homework quickly and efficiently. 

TutorEva – Best homework AI helper for animated AI help

TutorCva homepage
Image: TutorCva

TutorEva is an online AI homework solver that offers comprehensive help. It can help you research an academic topic, check your homework for accuracy, and study for an upcoming exam.

It even shows colorful illustrations and animations to make learning more fun. You can try it for free, and premium subscriptions are also available.


  • Gives one-stop access to textbook solutions. 
  • Offers a browser extension to solve problems anywhere on the web.
  • Students can join their textbooks and documents together. 


  • Requires users to sign up to try the tool.

Brainly – Best homework AI helper for community access 

BRAINLY homepage

Many students enjoy being part of a community. Brainly offers a vast community of students, parents, and educators who work together to promote learning. 

Just ask a question, and the tool will swiftly analyze the problem and prepare a solution. In seconds, you’ll receive the correct answer and explanation. If AI can’t find a solution, ask the community or a live expert. 

It provides a 7-day free trial for testing out its features.


  • Offers a scan-to-solve feature to save time.
  • Students can get expert-verified answers.
  • It is free to join. 


  • Some features are not yet available, such as Test Prep. 
  • The interface is busy and can be difficult to navigate. 

AI Tutors – Best homework AI helper for mobile use

AI Tutor homepage
Image: AI Tutor

Many students waste hours completing assignments and studying for exams only to forget the material when it matters most.

AI Tutors transforms how students answer questions and study by creating an interactive platform. 

Here, users can learn, ask for feedback, and even request quizzes on the material that they learned. The AI homework help tool is available as an app for convenient smartphone use. 


  • Helps overcome location barriers for students who need homework AI help.
  • Allows students to chat with real tutors 24/7.
  • Comes with a built-in plagiarism checker, Google Translator, and more.


  • Some solutions may contain plagiarism. 

OddityAI – Best homework AI helper for better writing 

OddityAI homepage
Image: OddityAI

OddityAI harnesses the power of AI using advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities.

This AI homework help tool provides instant assistance with assignments, helps students prepare for major tests, and can be used to verify answers. 

It’s also a game-changer for writing help. The AI homework tool offers grammar checkers, literature analysis, and other tools designed to improve writing. Users can try OddityAI for free by signing up. 


  • Flexible payment plans include subscriptions or credit purchases. 
  • Can tackle complex subjects. 
  • Helps generate ideas and verify information in essays. 


  • May have difficulty providing solutions for niche subjects. 

In conclusion: Choosing the best homework AI helper

Homework is a daunting task for students of all grade levels. The sheer volume of assignments and the difficulty of certain subjects can be overwhelming, especially when students don’t understand the coursework. 

Homework AI tools help eliminate the stress and anxiety of homework. If you need help completing an assignment, studying for a test, or learning about a certain subject, opt for one of the best homework AI tools. 


frequently asked questions with a magnifying glass
Image: Pexels

1. Can AI homework helpers provide immediate assistance with homework?

Yes! Homework AI tools work quickly to analyze the question and generate accurate and detailed solutions, often within seconds. 

2. How reliable are homework AI tools?

While no AI tool is completely flawless, the best AI homework helpers have significantly high accuracy rates of 98% or higher, ensuring correct answers. 

3. Which subjects can an AI homework help tool assist me with?

Most of the homework AI tools support a wide range of subjects, such as math, physics, chemistry, history, geography, literature, computer science, foreign languages, and more.

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