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15 desktop wallpapers that will surely get you fired

These 15 desktop wallpapers are almost a sure way to get you fired from your cushy office job.

Funny desktop background

Nature is some inspiring shit, let me tell you. We here at KnowTechie (The Internet based website) have compiled a list of like fourteen or fifteen (counting is hard) beautiful desktop wallpapers to really get your day going. Don’t forget to use these on your work computer!

Number 1: How inspiring!


Number 2: You really won’t. Stop trying. It’s not worth it. Trust me on this one.


Number 3: There’s sharks and shit in there, I understand.


Number 4: Seriously, don’t. No one likes you.


Number 5: So inspiring. heart face emoji


Number 6: They forgot to add the word “Destroyer.” Ayyy.

Number 7: While we’re on the subject…


Number 8: cringes eternally


Number 9: Now we’re asking the real questions.


Number 10: It’s true, though. Just let it go, Kevin. She isn’t coming back.


Number 11: #Inspiration #Love #Beauty #Nature

Number 12: So, now you know that anal’s THE shit, and…


Number 13: Mmhmm, sure, once.


Number 14: Preach.


Ok, so I lied, there were only 14. Could I find a 15th one to add? Probably. Am I?


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