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19 of the best Bitcoin wallets to store Bitcoins

Looking for a place to store all your Bitcoin? We rounded up 20 of our favorite Bitcoin wallets.

Bitcoin wallet

Looking for a place to store all your Bitcoin? We rounded up 19 of our favorite Bitcoin wallets.

Bitcoin wallets are needed not just to store, send, and receive payments but also to secure the bitcoins from people who want to get their hands on them. With the increase in the value, bitcoins become a target for Internet fraud and manipulations, so choosing a secure storage is a big deal now, especially for those who have a lot of them. Moreover, hacking the bitcoin account and draining it of bitcoins may become a pretty easy operation if security is not taken seriously.

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Providing the security to your bitcoins in the responsibility of their holder. There is a lot to know about bitcoin wallets before you even get to the selection, so find all information about the best bitcoin wallets that ensure a complete security of your account.

Before we begin, I need to tell you that there are 5 types of wallets you can use for storage of bitcoins, including paper, hardware, mobile, online, and desktop. The latter type is believed to be the most effective but unwanted for some users, so I will identify the type of each option I give you in this article.

Let’s begin the list of the best bitcoins wallets!

Ledger Nano

This is a hardware wallet that is based on smartcards but also can be used on PCs, Macs, and phones. To use it, you will need a key that is created in the secure environment of the card. The security of your coins is provided by a 24-word seed that will be used to access and recreate the account in case the wallet is lost, damaged, or stolen.


Another powerful desktop option the developers of which are calling it the only wallet with cold storage. It uses an offline computer to store all information and bitcoins, so Internet thieves will not have an opportunity to hack into the account. The only person who can access it is the one that has the access to the physical location of the designated computer.


This wallet takes the security of bitcoins to another level. It is a physical USB drive that works with any compatible device that can store the funds. The developers of this amazing wallet call it a “Bitcoin stick,” thus referring to its shape. You can carry this wallet at all times and pay by connecting to USB!


According to a reliable reviewer Cryptocrooks, this wallet is one of the most secure and functional options when it comes to storing and using bitcoins. It works on Android devices and provides easy backup for keys, sentence-based wallet generation, and even integrates a peer-to-peer trading platform!

Ledger Unplugged

A great option for everyday use that comes as a hardware type. It features offline generation of keys, transactions, and many other functions. There are three types of this wallet developed so far, Ledger Blue, Ledger Nano, and Ledger Nano S, all of which are great for the task


If you are interested in printed wallets, this option can be useful for you. It allows keeping bitcoins offline by printing paper wallets. Given that online accounts can be hacked, printed ones can be great for long-term storage and giving as gifts.

MultiBit HD

Fast and easy setup of the wallet is provided by this desktop option. The website has a setup wizard that assists those who make a wallet for the first time. And it is available for Linux!


For $99, you can purchase this hardware wallet that uses USB to connect with other devices. It provides a “bulletproof” protection for bitcoins, accounts, emails, and passwords.


The easiness of the use allows this option to be one of the most popular among desktop wallets. It is also very functional and provides cold storage, integration with other wallets, multi-signature technology, encrypted protection, and many more others.


This hardware wallet requires the owner to approve each transaction, so it would be a perfect option for those who appreciate an advanced manual control over bitcoin operations. It works by taking over the management of key storage, signing, and key generation.


A simple mobile wallet that allows to sell, secure, send, and receive bitcoins. Works only with iOS devices and provides a very user-friendly interface.


This is an incredible option for those who prefer online wallet because it protects bitcoins by setting a spending limit, setting a key, and rating limit transactions. Plus, it provides a custom login to prevent security breaches.


Another option for iOS users that provides a high level of security and easiness of the use. Comes highly recommend for the first-time wallet users.


Are you looking for a bitcoin solution for a business? Well, you found it! BitGo is a great option for integrating digital currencies into existing financial systems of businesses, securely. For example, some professional essay writing services are already using it to collect payments from regular clients.


This is an online platform for bitcoin users that provides exchange and cards. Also, it issues wallets that can be accessed using mobile devices and computers.

An online platform where you can perform and check bitcoin transactions. This is a great source for those who want to analyze the bitcoin industry.


One platform that combines mobile and online wallets and provides a high level of security for the users by using the latest technology.


An iOS-designed wallet that comes from a reliable developer BitPay. Provides secure bitcoins transactions and storage.


Use this option to create paper wallets in a matter of seconds. It generates bitcoin address using your own data or random data.


This one comes recommended by the Bitcoin community. Works with mobile devices and computers and supports BIP32, multi-signature transactions, and offline storage.

Making the Choice

There are a lot of great options out there, so make your choice by visiting the websites of these wallets and seeing what kind of security and functionality they can provide for you.

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