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5 apps that will change your life in 2020

A lot of great choices here.

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The best applications can help mitigate your stress, protect your home, improve your well-being, and change your lives for the better. In fact, according to a business coach in London, Janelle Mason, she’s less stressed and calmer by using an app called Insight Timer. It is just among the many evidence that mobile applications can influence our lifestyles for the better in many ways possible.

Apps can aid you in reaching these goals, whether you have been working toward meditating, finding more focus, staying fit, or getting a better night’s sleep. For a little help, we’ve listed five apps that will make your 2020 healthier, happier, and more successful. So take a read!

Google Home

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This application is from one of the most powerful tech giants itself. If you decide to opt for the home automation system by Google, then Google Assistant is your one-stop. This app is prominent as a smart home app for iOS and Android platforms. 

Google Home allows you to set up Chromecast and Google devices, besides other third-party connected home devices such as a home security system. In fact, you can integrate this app with one of the most popular DIY security system called Swann; thus, you get reduced false alarms.

Moreover, the app will give you shortcuts for actions such as checking the weather or turning the lights on. You can do all these with one or two taps. Due to its versatility, Google Assistant is among the best smart home automation apps available today and is available for use in many countries like Hongkong, Singapore, and Thailand.


Are you constantly feeling stressed? Do you need peace of mind? If so, then perhaps Headspace might be the solution for you! This app will walk you through a powerful yet straightforward meditation practice that’s designed to help you love better, sleep better, and smile more. 

For the most part, it will only take at least ten minutes of your time to use the app. Headspace can help you find your purpose. The app is available for use in countries like China and Hongkong.


If you wish to make the most of your health-related goals become a reality, Noom can help you with that. This app is undoubtedly a game-changer! Noom is making massive waves in the health space and could end all fad diets by offering users the right tools to create a practical, easy lifestyle update. 

What’s more, this app is entirely customizable or configurable, which is needed to incite change. When you download this app, it will ask you a series of questions to know and understand your daily habits.

It identifies your behaviors via these questions, and then the app determines the correct plan. Additionally, it obtains an in-depth understanding of your food triggers. It is very understandable why this app is one of the best programs for a better new year, with easy and quick meals and workouts. Noom is available for download in countries like Australia.


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Some to-do list applications don’t just work for many people. But Trello is different. This project management app allows users to plan and keep track of their projects. Trello is designed to help teams and individuals keep their projects organized and collaborate better.

All the information on a particular project is stored on boards. And each Trello board is grouped with lists. Additionally, each list includes cards for more details on a project. One of the best features of this app is its Power-Ups. This feature can make each board into living applications by adding integrations and features.

Another thing, Trello can work seamlessly and excellently wherever you are. Undoubtedly, this app will help you keep balanced, accountable, and organized. Trello is available for use in countries like China, Hongkong, and Australia.


Sure, memorizing is hard. Fortunately, there is an app that can help you with this. Introducing, Memrise! It is a free learning application, with lots of content in foreign languages. Memrise is available on iOs and Android devices, as well as a web app. 

This app makes memorizing things enjoyable and amusing via gamification. For instance, if you want to learn a new language, knowing the common or prevalent words is key to learning the language fast. 

You can use this app to quickly get to know words you want to remember through different memorization techniques. Another thing, Memrise can be used to remember countries or the periodic table. The app is available for download in countries like Australia, China, and Taiwan. 


Since there are a lot of apps available today, it can be very confusing and perplexing to know which ones you should download. There is too much on the app store today. For this reason, it is critical to scale back the apps to use that will have the best impact in your life, of course, with the minimal amount of effort. Among the five apps listed in this post, which app will you download?

Editor’s Note: Tyler Pack is a seasoned freelance writer by profession. His experience as a wordsmith is evident in his contributions to various websites. His specialty lies in real estate, lifestyle, technology, and travel. When he’s not busy making ends meet, Tyler backpacks out of the country, and his favorite destination so far is Europe.

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