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5 backup services that smoke the competition

If you don’t want to risk losing your computer’s data, back it up. We got our hands on some research that should help you choose the best one.


If you don’t want to risk losing your computer’s data, back it up. We got our hands on some research that should help you choose the best one.

The team recently conducted research to find the best and most trustworthy online backup services on the market because aaccording to statistics, 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States every week.

They looked at the features offered by a variety of online backup services, which are used to continuously save the files from your devices. These services, which are accessed via the Web, have many benefits once you find the right one for you.

The Process for the Research

The researchers evaluated 36 companies and published a list with information about the top five online backup services. The important factors were the quality of the user experience, the transfer speed for data and the available storage space for files. The team consulted IT security experts and personally tested the finalists by analyzing their security, customer support services, and usability.

The Criteria

The customer service experience was ranked according to the clarity of the published information on their websites, the turnaround time for receiving an email response from the company representatives and the availability of a live chat. The important factors for users are ease of navigation, compatibility, versioning, simultaneous backup, encryption and the option for a personal key code that cannot be retrieved by the online backup company. The company must also offer at least 1 TB of storage space to fall into’s finalists.

The Finalists

After weeks of research, chose five services that beat out the rest of the competition. These online backup services were broken down into what they are best for including: best overall, fastest upload speed, best security and privacy, best desktop application and best free service.

Information for Consumers

The research emphasized the importance of upload speeds because you can only return to normal activities if all your files have been saved to the Cloud. The files should be saved on two hard drives and also on an online backup service for optimal safety. You should also consider using a password manager and should become more aware of the storage space that is wasted by useless files because some of the storage space from a continuous backup service will be used to store those useless files.

You can see their full online backup services resource here:

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