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6 secret tricks that your Android can perform

If you’re looking to get more out of your Android device, we rounded up 6 hidden tips and tricks that will make you an Android power user.


If you’re looking to get more out of your Android device, we rounded up 6 hidden tips and tricks that will make you an Android power user.

Did you know that your Android device has secret functions that you were unaware of? You should learn these tips and tricks quickly enough to be able to take advantage of your device’s capabilities wholly. The interesting thing is that Google has made Android an open platform which can be accessed by third-party developers to create all sorts of custom apps accessible to only Android users.

However, you can still discover a plethora of hidden features on your Android device without having to install any kind of third party app. Let us take a look at the hidden functions of an Android device.

Send unwanted calls to the voicemail

Sometimes we don’t want to talk to certain individuals due to a variety of reasons. So instead of painstakingly segregating every unwanted contact, you can set your Android device to do that work for you. Select the contact you want to send to voicemail then go to edit and select additional actions, after this press the “send to voicemail” option and that contact will be sent to voicemail. By doing so, you will not be bothered by that particular contact again.

Custom messaging to screen calls

Ok it is understandable that you do not want to send every call to the voicemail. However, if you are in a meeting or in the middle of an important task, and you don’t want to rudely ignore a call, you can send a quick custom message to that person. Android allows you to access this feature from the settings menu where you can create a customized Quick Response.

Use maps anytime

If you happen to travel to locations where cellphone signals don not work, then you can use Google maps as a guide, even in the absence of Wifi. You have to pre-plan this out by making sure you set Google maps to the exact location where you expect no cellular service, then press “Ok maps”, this will ensure that you’re guided with maps always.

Widen your dictionary’s vocabulary

It is always annoying to type a word unknown to your dictionary on your phone especially names and slang terms. However, it is possible to save these words to your dictionary by pressing and adding that word to your dictionary. You can do so by pressing the word for long until the “save” option appears. Once saved, your phone will suggest the word to you naturally whenever you require it.

Name your phone

The phone naming feature is not only available on iPhones, you can access it on Android too. You can put your name, email address and other personal information all on the lock screen of your phone so that in case it gets lost, it can easily be returned back to you. You can do this by going to the Settings, then security, after which you can go to screen security then select the owner information option where you can then personalize your phone.

Create separate profiles for every user

Sometimes your tablet and phone have several different apps  scattered on the home screen from the different people who use it including kids which may cause a mess on your Android’s home screen. Interestingly, like a PC, you can create a separate profile for each user of your Android device where they can store their apps and content.

To create an individual profile, you have to go to the Settings Menu then select Profile and create one, as simple as that.

In conclusion, there are many tricks that your Android device is capable of performing but you are unaware of. The above mentioned are just a few of the common tricks which an Android device can perform. What are your favorite Android tricks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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