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Apple is working on a more affordable Vision Pro headset

It won’t have the external display, and won’t be all that cheap.

Apple Vision Pro headset front in purple background
Apple Vision Pro

Apple unveiled its first AR-VR headset, Vision Pro, a few months ago with a whopping $3,500 price tag, but the device is yet to reach the hands of consumers

However, the latest report indicates Apple is already working on a follow-up to the Vision Pro. 

The report comes from the Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, who claimed in his latest Power On newsletter that Apple’s follow-up to the Vision Pro will likely be a more affordable model.

The affordable Vision Pro variant likely won’t feature EyeSight

According to the analyst, the work-in-progress affordable Vision Pro variant will likely ditch the external display, use an iPhone-grade chip, and reduce the number of cameras and low-resolution screens inside.

All that will reduce the price to an internally discussed number that will land between $1,500 to $2,500. This lines up with what Gurman had said in June.

In contrast, the original Vision Pro announced a few months ago costs a whopping $3,500. So, we are not sure if the one Apple is currently working on actually falls under the affordable category.

Affordable Vision Pro Maybe in the works
Image: KnowTechie

Also, the affordable Vision Pro variant won’t have Apple’s EyeSight function, one of the original Vision Pro’s key features. 

The EyeSight feature instantly renders the wearer’s eye while wearing the headset when they are looking at you or talking to you. It also helps you to understand if they are occupied. 

Gurman even stated that Apple’s current focus is this new affordable Vision Pro headset variant. They want to launch it as soon as possible, so much so that they have shifted people from their AR Glasses project to this one.

In the end Apple’s cheap products are generally not that cheap. A $1,500 headset is certainly palatable, but if it drags out to $2,500, the company really needs to deliver in terms of hardware and software. Otherwise, it may fail to draw mass appeal.

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