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Amazon has the August Smart Lock listed at just $100 right now

Join the smart lock club for $100.


If you haven’t jumped into the world of smart locks, today, you’re in for a treat. August’s 2nd generation Smart Lock lets you lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, it’s even compatible with Siri, and you can get it for just $100 for the first time ever today, down from $200.

Assuming you have your phone with you whenever you leave the house, an August Smart Lock-installed door will automatically lock behind you and unlock as you get to your door. It’s extremely useful because you don’t have to necessarily be home to grant or restrict access to people like dog walkers, maintenance workers, or other people who need to come into your house. It even creates a log of when the door has been opened so you monitor comings and goings.

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