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Amazon Prime Member? Here’s a free Kindle for 30 days

Looks like Amazon is giving out free stuff again…….with a catch!

KindleFire HDX 8_9

You know the saying: “If it’s free, it’s for me.” Well, you’re in luck, because Amazon is giving its Prime members a special offer: 30-day free trials for Kindle tablets and e-readers.

Recode reported earlier today that the offer was shown on their homepage, but when I checked, it seems they have taken it down. Luckily, Jason Del Rey of Recode was able to snag a screenshot of Amazon’s homepage:

Amazon Free Kindle for 30 days

The promotion lets you choose from a couple of Fire tablets as well as a few e-readers. If you sign up for the program, you will not be charged at the checkout. However, if you don’t return the device before the 30-day window, you’ll be automatically charged. Amazon takes care of all the delivery and return fees.

Amazon has yet to reply to any of my inquires; I’ll keep you guys updated if and when I hear back.

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Justice League
Justice League
8 years ago

the only diff is when you are charged for the device. if you buy it any other time, you have a 30 day return widow.

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