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Chinese Mafia invades iPhone 6 lines in NYC

Wondering why those lines were so big in NYC for the iPhone 6? There’s speculation that the Chinese Mafia is involved.

“Gone was the spirit and excitement from years past. These lines are now about something else entirely.”

Actor/director Casey Neistat got a camera and spent roughly 24 hours visiting a few different locations in NYC where people lined up to get the all new iPhone 6.

After watching the video, you’ll start to notice one common occurrence: most of these people standing in line don’t look like the kind of people that would wait all night in line for an iPhone.

Something’s gotta give? 

Well it turns out, most of these people are being paid to stand in line. Allegedly, the Chinese mafia is involved in obtaining phones this way so they can ship them to China and sell them at exorbitant prices – the iPhone6 is not available in China – it is in high demand there and people in China are willing to pay a lot of money for them. This is how the Chinese mafia is taking advantage of poor Chinese immigrants in the United States.


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