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This company wants to stick an iPad on your face

Did you know that you didn’t need an Oculus Rift to achieve virtual reality. This company wants to stick an iPad on your face!

AirVR - Virtual Reality with your iPad or iphone

Who would of thought 10 years ago that we would be attaching phones and iPads to our faces. Seems a little silly, but it’s actually pretty cool.

AirVR is a Kickstarter project from Toronto design firm Metatecture that seeks $20,000 in funding from backers to create an inexpensive headset for converting your iPad Mini (Retina) or soon-to-be-delivered iPhone 6 Plus into a portable virtual reality viewer”, reports The Verge.

According to it’s KickStarter page, “The AirVR is a new kind of virtual reality headset that leverages iOS Retina hardware already in millions of peoples’ hands.”

AirVR headset


Here’s how it works:

Slip your iPhone or iPad Mini into the headset, and the AirVR does the rest! You just achieved virtual reality using your iPad.

For more information, check out their KickStarter

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