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The Daily Read – Case of the Mondays – 7/7/14

Today’s Daily Read features the end of the 40-hour work week, more Uber undercutting, and whether you’re smarter than a private school kindergartner.

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And we’re back from a long weekend. Honestly, I feel like I need an extra day of just hanging out. Anyway, back to business as usual. Here’s today’s Daily Read:

uberX is now cheaper than an NYC taxi


“We just dropped uberX fares by 20%, making it cheaper than a New York City taxi. From Brooklyn to the Bronx, and everywhere in between, uberX is now the most affordable ride in the city.

by @Uber

Put Your Phone Down


“As a people we have lost the plot. Because we can document everything, we will, and we can’t stop. Every event is now a sea of people with their arms held up in a triangle, forming an illuminati symbol with our phones at the apex. We’ve gone too far.”

by Choire Sicha

Are You Smart Enough To Get Into Private Kindergarten?


“This quiz is given to aspiring NYC kindergartners on iPads. We totally failed.”

by @the_zim

Google Founders Talk About Ending the 40-Hour Work Week


“Larry Page and Sergey Brin conducted a fireside chat late last week with Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures, about everything from self-driving cars and artificial intelligence to health projects and the unnecessary complexity of government.”

by @sfiegerman

The 12 Most Self-Destructive Things You Can Do on Facebook


“If you’re an active Facebooker, you may be engaging in self-destructive behavior without even realizing it. By identifying what causes these negative feelings, you can battle this virtual self-harm to stay happy and have a better social network experience.”

by @kylisingh

Inside Google’s Big Plan to Race Amazon To Your Door


“Google is the undisputed king of search in all but one lucrative and vital category: product searches.”

by @delrey

Let me know if I missed anything!

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