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  • Time person of the year Time person of the year

    The Daily Read – The Time Edition – 12/10/2014

    Today's Daily Read features Time's Person of the Year, plus some other goodies I was able to dig up.

  • Grumpy Cat Grumpy Cat

    The Daily Read – Grumpy Cat Edition – 12/7/2014

    Today's Daily Read features a little news from everyone favorite feline friend: Grumpy cat.

  • The Daily Read – The New Republic Edition – 12/5/2014

    Today's Daily Read features the news surrounding The New Republic. Not sure what's going on, this is a good start.

  • Uber Money Uber Money

    The Daily Read – The Uber Money Bags Edition – 12/4/2014

    Today's Daily Read features scoring more money. What else is new, huh?

  • The Daily Read – Mat Honan Edition – 12/3/2014

    Today's Daily Read features......yup, you guessed it, Mat Honan! Plus some other goodies that I found today.

  • The Daily Read – The Ferguson Edition – 11/25/2014

    Today's Daily Read features an interesting tech angle in the Ferguson news, Google, Marc Cuban and more!

  • Uber Uber

    The Daily Read – The Fire Emil Michael Edition – 11/18/2014

    Emil Michael, one of Uber's top executives talked some smack about another journalist!

  • Lexus Plop Lexus Plop

    The Daily Read – The Soiled Pants Edition – 11/14/2014

    Today's Daily Read features a journalist who pooped his pants, more shady behavior from our government, and more!

  • The Daily Read – The Twitter Edition – 11/12/2014

    Today's daily read features some big news from Twitter, Samsung making a rap video, and more in today's Daily Read.

  • The Daily Read – Smorgasbord Edition – 11/11/2014

    Today's Daily Read features........yup, you guessed it: Shingy!!! Seriously, it does, but with some other goodies mixed in.

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