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The Daily Read – The Internet Edition – 10/27/2014

Today’s Daily Read features more #GamerGate drama, Facebook on publishing and Halloween raves for six year-olds.

KnowTechie Daily Read

Gamergate Supporters Party at Strip Club — NYMag


“A New York writer hung out with people at an 8chan meetup, which included bringing laptops to a strip club”

by @AdrianChen

72 Hours of #Gamergate


“Two months ago today, actor Adam Baldwin was the first to use the #Gamergate hashtag on Twitter, solidifying a name for the movement that’s dominated all conversations in gaming since. Depending on where you sit on the issue, it’s either a widespread campaign of harassment against women or, actually, about ethics in videogames journalism.”

by @waxpancake

Here’s What Happens When You Leave Your iPhone in a N.Y. Taxi


“If you needed any more proof of how mobile the world has become, consider what happened to my lost iPhone. After I left my device in a New York City taxi this summer, I went through the usual steps to try to get it back.”

by @SarahFrier

The ride-sharing company says its drivers make great money, but its math just doesn’t add up.


“In search of Uber’s unicorns (the drivers reportedly making $90k)”

by @alisongriswold 

Facebook Offers Life Raft, but Publishers Are Wary


“For publishers, Facebook is a bit like that big dog galloping toward you in the park. More often than not, it’s hard to tell whether he wants to play with you or eat you.”

by @DavidCarr

I Attended a Halloween Rave for 6-Year-Olds


“”Everything glows in the dark!” shouts Katourna. She asks me to reattach her glow stick bracelet. I can barely hear her over the thumping electronic music in the club. People are wearing blinking green sunglasses. Some girls are dancing on tables.”

by @stephmbuck

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