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Kojima Productions’ new Death Stranding trailer has mysterious dudes and giant ghost dogs

I don’t have any clue what this game is going to be about, but I want to play it.

Death Stranding is still a very mysterious title, but it has been fun trying to piece together the various trailers and bits of information surrounding the game.

This is the first title from Hideo Kojima (of Metal Gear fame) after his departure from Konami. The game has been in some sort of development since December of 2015, before being officially announced during 2016’s E3 event.

Even today, not much is known about the title other than it features Norman Reedus (who was also involved in Kojima’s canceled Silent Hills project) and various other actors, and you play as a delivery person of sorts.

The Tokyo Game Show trailer also gives a new name to add to the list, Troy Baker, who you may know from Bioshock: Infinite, The Last of Us, and Batman: Arkham Knight.

What’s in the new Death Standing trailer?

The new trailer gives us a glimpse of that, as Reedus’ character is seen carrying a person on his back. Oh, and then there is the obvious bad guy (Troy Baker) in the trailer, made evident by his dark clothes, creepy golden skull mask, and tentacled, ghost dog made from the souls and bodies formed in a pool of black goo.

That’s really about it. It’s mysterious and fits right in line with how Kojima has presented the title up to the point.

Check out the trailer above, and then to learn more about the game and see more of Reedus and the world, check out this 8-minute trailer of Death Stranding.

Very little is known about this game, but these trailers are starting to give us a better idea of what to expect whenever Death Stranding is released.

Honestly, we’re still not sure if this will even release on PlayStation 4 or if it will be held off until a next-generation Sony console, but considering that could still be years away, hopefully, it will see a release on this generation of consoles.

What do you think about Death Stranding? Do you like the mysterious nature of the available information or do you wish Kojima would come out and tell us exactly what it is?

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