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DeRUCCI’s AI mattress elevates your sleep with advanced tech

Awaken to DeRUCCI’s T11 Pro AI mattress – the dream mattress that adapts to your body, tracks sleep, and creates an optimal sleep environment.

DeRUCCI ai matrress
Image: DeRUCCI

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As reported by Grand View Research, the global home bedding market was valued at 104.64 billion US dollars in 2023, with projections of a 7.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2024 to 2030.

This market expansion is fueled by the surge in the housing sector and increased consumer expenditure on bedding products.

In this flourishing market, DeRUCCI, a prominent participant, is capitalizing on the opportunity by introducing its innovative smart mattress.

If you’ve ever dreamt of a mattress that adapts to your body, tracks your sleep, and creates an optimal sleep environment, then wake up to the reality of DeRUCCI’s AI series T11 Pro AI mattress.

Recently, this cutting-edge innovation bagged two CES 2024 Innovation Awards, solidifying DeRUCCI’s status as a leading sleep technology brand. 

A giant leap for sleep tech 

The T11 Pro AI mattress is an artificial intelligence of things (IoT) intelligent sleep solution that instantly adjusts to the individual’s health for optimal sleep and keeps an eye out for potential health issues.

This remarkable innovation is the result of extensive sleep health research DeRUCCI conducted in partnership with international universities and institutions. 

According to Hua Lei, General Manager of Smart Sleep, DeRUCCI, the company is thrilled to receive recognition for its work in sleep study IoT innovations.

“Our Smart Sleep Line also includes smart adjustable beds, AI rapid sleep systems, deep sleep pillows, smart pillows, and Optimal Sleep Medicine Centers for a complete solution for healthy restful sleep,” says Hua Lei.

Design, ergonomics, and functionality 

DeRUCCI Pro AI mattress
Image: DeRUCCI

DeRUCCI’s award-winning design includes 23 sleep/health AI sensors that track subtle changes in position, body temperature, heart rate, and health.

The mattress connects to other IoT home appliances, controlling the bedroom’s smart thermostat, air conditioner, aromatherapy, air purifier, sleep-enhancing lighting, and other IoT devices.

The T11 Pro smart mattress is the first of its kind to use DeRUCCI’s patented Tidal algorithm.

It adapts to each user’s individual sleeping positions and makes real-time adjustments to perfectly match height, shape, and body areas like shoulders, back, waist, hips, and legs. 

A glimpse into the future of sleep tech 

The future of sleep technology is likely to see more accurate monitoring and more timely and effective feedback and intervention.

The integration of various smart IoT devices for a synergistic effect is also on the horizon.

The goal is to use artificial intelligence to solve more problems during users’ sleep, such as enhancing sleep quality by extending deep sleep phases, achieving good sleep in less time, and providing early warnings for potential health issues.

DeRUCCI’s AI series T11 Pro AI mattress embodies these future trends. It adapts to different force curves from bone structure to muscle state with instant adjustments that won’t disturb a partner.

Plus, it analyzes changes in users’ physiological parameters, monitoring sleep with reports on sleep quality.

The smart mattress also offers personalized sleep consultations and recommendations in collaboration with sleep medicine companies to optimize sleep, exercise, and diet.

This is especially important for elderly care and specialized sports.

Founded in 2004, DeRUCCI is dedicated to the development of intelligent sleep health systems based on scientific research.

With the mission to “Let people sleep better,” DeRUCCI has established its Smart Sleep division and launched a total of 12 new AI smart mattresses since 2023.

In addition to high-technology sleep products, DeRUCCI manufactures and sells custom bedding products, expanding internationally from China to 5,700 stores worldwide in 17 countries and regions.

The company’s product line includes a wide range of stylish furniture, including mattresses, bed frames, dining sets, sofas, and massage chairs.

The future of sleep is here

DeRUCCI T11 Pro AI Mattress
Image: DeRUCCI

DeRUCCI’s win at the CES 2024 Innovation Awards for its IoT smart mattress marks a milestone in the sleep tech industry.

It’s a testament to how far we’ve come in integrating technology into our everyday lives, even in areas as intimate as our sleep.

DeRUCCI believes that the introduction of the T11 Pro AI mattress brings good news for people dealing with sleep problems.

Unlike regular mattresses that offer a fixed sleeping surface, this mattress goes beyond the ordinary to enhance your sleep experience.

It’s carefully designed to meet the unique needs of each customer, ensuring a personalized sleeping surface like no other.

Since people differ in height, body shape, weight, and other factors, those who choose this mattress get an exclusive, custom-made product that stands out from the usual options.

The T11 Pro AI mattress not only adapts to different sleeping situations in our lives but also keeps track of our sleep data. This is crucial for health because various issues can affect our nightly rest.

By understanding the details of our sleep conditions, we can quickly identify potential health issues and take appropriate measures.

The combination of personalized adjustments and sleep data collection makes the T11 Pro mattress a valuable tool for promoting overall well-being.

As we look forward to more innovations and advancements in sleep technology, one thing’s clear: the future of sleep is here, and it’s smarter, healthier, and more personalized than ever before.

And at the forefront of this revolution is DeRUCCI, turning our dreams of a perfect night’s sleep into a reality. Get ready to tuck in and power up because bedtime just got a tech upgrade.

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