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This drone is designed follow you around, and is exclusive to Android

Drones are popping out of everywhere, and the M4 is no different. Actually it is, it’s the first exclusive Android based drone.

A new autonomous drone that doesn’t require a pilot and uses computer vision to follow any subject down to a T will soon be hitting the market.

This is the Mind4, built by Airmind.

Sure, this looks like any of the million other drones that are on the market, but looks are deceiving. This thing is packed with the most powerful processor in a drone, a quad-core 2GHz to be exact. It’s also equipped with an HD camera that acts as the brain and eyes of the UAV.

So here’s where it gets interesting: 

The drone’s technology allows it to recognize, track, and stalk you or any other subjects autonomously, precisely, and accurately. So if you need keep eyes on your daughter’s first date, this is the ideal solution.

Always looking….watching…..judging.

Still not Impressed?

Well, if a flying gadget alone doesn’t impress you, this thing offers some insane body gesture controls. Meaning, you can make it do stuff with your body.

For example:

If you wave your hand right hand, the drone flies closer to you:

Wanna snap a shot? Raise both your hands:

If you want to land the drone, all you gotta do is just point to the ground.

Android or Androne?

The best thing about the Mind4 is that it’s running on the Android platform, meaning you can fully customize it to your needs, or even better, find someone who contributed to the platform.

Mind4 is currently crowd-funding their Android based drone on Kickstarter. Support the cause here.

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8 years ago

The first android exclusive drone is just starting funding. ha. Lots of iOS exclusive drones already 🙁

Reply to  Kevin Raposo
8 years ago

Yes, they blow wind to fly. This one may fly in a couple years after funding.

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