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Drone pulls off perfectly timed shot

When it comes to catching a gnarly drone shot, this guy nailed it out of the park.

The timing of this drone shot is amazing!

Dat timing. The future is here folks, and it’s pretty gnarly. What better way to capture you riding a bodacious wave than by using a drone? That’s exactly what Robert McIntosh did when he captured footage of a surfer crushing the juiciest barrel roll.

Given that this video was uploaded two years ago, I’m guessing that this drone was flown manually as opposed to some of the GPS tracking enabled devices you can find out there. In other words, this must have have been an extremely difficult maneuver to pull off. Plus, I’m guessing the surfer must have been on the take, given the fact she wasn’t surprised when she saw a UAV hovering in her face for a good three seconds.

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