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Elon Musk showered with boos at Chappelle stand-up show

The writing is on the wall, and it’s painfully obvious that folks are tired of his shit.

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An unlikely guest at a Dave Chappelle stand-up show in San Francisco was showered with boos. The guest? Twitter’s new owner: Elon Musk.

Video footage shows Musk taking the stage and yelling Chappelle’s famous Rick James impression: “I’m rich, b***h.” 

Afterward, the audience booed Musk for several minutes, reports Gizmodo. Watch it below:

Interestingly enough, someone posted the video on Twitter. However, as this Twitter user points out, Twitter seems to have deleted the account. What a coincidence.

Chappelle, who has also faced criticism for jokes targeting transgender people, told Musk that “it sounds like some of those people you fired are in the audience.” 

At one point, Chappelle interrupted Musk’s attempt to speak, saying: “Don’t say nothing. You hear that sound, Elon? That’s the sound of pending civil unrest.” 

Naturally, Musk is getting dragged for the appearance and has attempted to save face by joking about it on Twitter.

Musk claimed the audience reaction was “90% cheers and 10% boos.”

However, several people who attended the event tweeted that the booing was louder and more sustained.

The writing is on the wall, and it’s painfully obvious that folks are quickly tiring of his shit. Sure, he’s rich, but all that money in the world can’t buy him people’s respect.

I’ll close with this banger of a tweet from comedian Mike Drucker:

The funniest part of Elon Musk getting booed for ten minutes by Dave Chappelle fans is you know Elon thought he’d come out doing some corny bit like, “my pronouns are no/thanks!” and get a standing ovation.

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