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Magic Leap is a fresh, but quiet, startup looking to transform virtual reality

Meet Magic Leap, the company that’s looking to change the way we think about virtual reality.

Meet Magic Leap, the company that’s looking to change the way we think about virtual reality. 

Magic Leap is a taciturn company developing groundbreaking technology, not out of Silicon Valley, but out of South Florida. The technology being expanded through this company is in the ever-growing world of augmented reality. However, Magic Leap isn’t trying to simply copy the success and gain the buzz a product such as Oculus Rift, where someone is playing games.

Magic Leap wants their technology to have more practical uses, rather than for entertainment. They want to create a virtual world where someone can get work done for all kinds of career applications.

The company’s goal with augmented reality

The company wants to create and develop cutting edge augmented reality (AR) technology for the corporate, working world, as seen in the recent profile by Wired. Showcasing the impressive skills of their AR headsets, their video on YouTube, titled “A New Morning” is featuring how realistic the technology can render real life.

Another awe-inspiring occurrence with Magic Leap is their plan to do away with screens for augmented reality, as reported by Tech Insider. In a feature that would make the technology similar to the one used by Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Magic Leap wants to make the AR features to be more accessbile and the users can have the technology on hand, as opposed to relying on a screen, as reported by Newsweek.

Currently, while the mechanics of their augmented reality headsets are outstanding, Magic Leap is still developing the products for future customers.

Magic Leap’s brief, but interesting history

Wired’s extensive article on the formerly withdrawn company reveals an absorbing company story. In 2010, Rony Abovitz founded Magic Leap, with the intent of keeping the company low key, or “in stealth mode” as most businesses would call it. Abovitz wanted his company to work in secret, in an attempt to not have their ideas leaks out. The only information his company gave out to the public is the fact they are working on AR-related projects.

After receiving massive investments from companies such as Google and Qualcom, as well as some private investors, the company originally started as an entertainment company, looking to publish graphic novels and produce feature films. This chapter of Magic Leap’s history ends the following year after the company released a prototype AR smartphone app.

Within just a few short years, Magic Leap has been able to develop advanced looking technology for the crowd looking for the newest AR products.

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