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The G Pen Elite is now marked down to an unbelievable $149

Big update from Grenco Science: The G Pen Elite is now only $149.95!

G Pen Elite

Big update from Grenco Science: The G Pen Elite is now only $149.95!

If you’re in the market for a new herbal vaporizer but don’t want to spend over $200 required to get a decent one, look no further. Grenco Science, makers of the highly-popular G Pen just dropped the price on their super-successful G Pen Elite down to $149.

We had a chance to review the G Pen Elite a while back and we absolutely loved it. It’s small, simple to use, and offers some great results. Here’s a brief excerpt from the review:

Looking like a scaled-down 2001: A Space Odyssey obelisk, the G Pen Elite is a reasonably priced and well-performing handheld vaporizer that will easily win favor with anyone in the market for that sort of thing.

If I had some kind of rating system, I’d give this vaporizer four out of five stars. It’s well-priced, well-performing, and cool-looking, but the minor negatives of the less-than-obvious user interaction and perhaps overzealous safety timer are too tangible to go without consideration.

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For $150, that’s certainly not a bad deal, especially when you compare it to some of the more expensive options out there.

G Pen Elite

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