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Review: G Pen Elite II vaporizer – simplicity at its finest

Happy 4/20 to those that celebrate.

G pen ii on table
Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie
The Good
Simple to use
Quick heating, clean hits
Easy-to-use LCD screen and controls
The Bad
Battery charge time is a bit slow
Weak magnetic connection that secures the mouth piece

When it comes to smoking weed, it doesn’t take much to please me. I don’t need anything fancy (like this monstrosity) and I prefer simplicity during my sessions. This is why I’m falling in love with the G Pen Elite II.

This vape from Grenco Science fits easily in the palm of your hands and allows you to simply pack the ceramic heating chamber, get your material to the desired temperature, and puff away. Equipped with an LCD screen and haptic feedback, this vape walks you through the whole process extremely well.

The G Pen Elite II uses a dual-heater system to make the heating process ridiculously quick. While it might not be quite as quick as taking a lighter to a bowl, the clean smoke it produces makes it a winner for those with sensitive lungs.

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From the shape of the device to the full-color LCD screen used, it’s clear that Grenco Science knows what they are doing when it comes to vapes. Every part of this device has been made with intent and it shows from the near-flawless experience I’ve had with it.

Running $249, it’s definitely not going to be your cheapest smoking method, but if you are looking for something easy on the lungs and a little more refined, there’s a lot to love here. Let’s dive in.

Setting up the G Pen Elite II

G pen ii with silicone cover
The silicone sleeve fits well on the vape (Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie)

Setting up the G Pen Elite II is a simple process. So simple, in fact, that there’s really no setup required. Simply unpack the unit, read the instruction card, and you’re good to go.

It features a 2100mAh battery, which takes about an hour and a half to charge to full using the included USB-C cable.

While that time seems a bit long for its 60-minute battery life, I never found it to be an issue, as I was always good and toasted well before that 60 minutes was up.

For those of us worried about dropping the unit – or simply prefer a little more protection – Grenco also includes a form-fitting silicone sleeve that slides directly over the vaporizer.

The G Pen Elite II is simplicity at its finest

G-pen ii in-hand
Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie

I get confused easily. More so when I’m smoking. I don’t need or want anything fancy. I’m of the firm belief we basically perfected weed-smoking technology™ with the advent of the glass bowl. This vaporizer is making me reconsider that stance.

The G Pen Elite II blends technology perfectly into something that, admittedly, doesn’t really need technology. The unit only features three buttons, but with those buttons and the full-color LCD screen, you have access to plenty of things to improve your experience.

Within the LCD’s menus, you can adjust session times, change convection (heating) settings, update firmware (over WiFi), adjust the haptic feedback, and more.

The LCD screen is bright and clear and after setting your desired temperature, you can watch the temp gauge rise until it reaches the correct level. Then, as an added bonus for times when you don’t feel like staring at the screen, the haptic feedback will buzz letting you know it’s ready.

Finally, the included pick tool for packing and cleaning the bowl is a godsend. It sits flush in the base of the unit and is extremely secure. I’ve never once felt like I would lose it or that it was becoming loose in its holster after multiple removals.

What’s the hit like?

Packing a vaporizer
Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie

When talking about vaporizers, one of the main factors is the hit users get when using the unit. For its size, the Elite II performs exceptionally well.

While the first hit or two from the unit might be a little weak, it stabilizes once the chamber fully heats up and it provides satisfying amounts of smoke. The dual heating chamber also means you get a clean hit, which can sometimes be hit or miss on vaporizers.

Ultimately, it is one of the things I appreciated most about the unit. For me, taste is a major factor in the enjoyment of my sessions, and while it provides a different taste than more traditional methods, hits are smooth and allow you to really get a good taste of the strain you are smoking.

Is there anything bad about the G Pen Elite II?

G-pen 2 dual chamber
Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about all the great parts of the Elite II. But, nothing is ever perfect, and the same goes for the Elite II. Thankfully, the negatives are few and far between.

The biggest issue I found with the unit is the magnetic mouthpiece. While this makes it super convenient to take off and clean/pack your ceramic chamber, I found the magnets to be a bit weak. This led to the top popping off a few times during sessions. Not a dealbreaker, but something to keep in mind.

I also found that the carb holes are in a slightly awkward place. They aren’t necessary when smoking and honestly, the issue rarely came up as I didn’t use them often.

But if you use them for increased control over airflow, you might have to angle your thumb a bit awkwardly. It’s far from a dealbreaker, but when everything else about the Elite II’s ergonomics is perfect, it’s something you might notice.

Finally, when it comes to negatives, I really wish the full charging time was a bit quicker. Again, not a dealbreaker, but 1.5 hours is a tough hit (no pun intended).

Should you buy the G Pen Elite II?

Lcd screen on vape
Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie

If you are looking for a compact vape that is easy to use and offers extremely clean hits, you can’t go wrong with this offering from Grenco Science.

The form factor is perfect and it doesn’t require a degree in rocket science to use. That form factor does lead the unit to get a bit warm, but it was never unmanageable and the silicone sleeve can help manage that.

At $249, it isn’t the cheapest vaporizer on the market, but the quality makes the price much easier to justify. If you prefer cartridge vapes, something like the PCKT Two might be more your style. You can read our review of an earlier model here.

If you prefer dry herb vapes, however, you also can’t go wrong with the DaVinci IQC or the Zeus Arc GTS. But, personally, I find the form and function of the Elite II better than both of these options.

Finally, if you are looking for a dry herb vape for under $200, the Utillian 722 is a solid option that will set you back $149.99.

You can snag the G Pen Elite II directly from Grenco, and it is also available at and Vape-Smart.

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The Good
Simple to use
Quick heating, clean hits
Easy-to-use LCD screen and controls
The Bad
Battery charge time is a bit slow
Weak magnetic connection that secures the mouth piece

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