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Review: Zeus Arc GTS Vaporizer (3rd Gen)

Who needs a water bong when you have a vape?

zeus arc gts portable vaporizer on table
Image: Curtis Silver / KnowTechie

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I have reviewed a lot of vapes. Never in my weed smoking history would I have imagined I’d review so many vapes.

I come from a generation of smokers that would roll scratch weed in napkins. I have smoked weed out of Mountain Dew bottles, apples, and paper towel rolls.

The introduction of vapes as a marijuana consumption tool was more than a game changer. It was a paradigm shifter. It was a smack to the ass of traditional inhalation. The Zeus Arc GTS is the culmination of perfecting this technology.

The vaporizer offers a premium experience from the moment you unpack it, to the first hit using it.

One of the main selling points of this portable vaporizer is the use of ArcPods, small containers that allow you to prepare your herb ahead of time. With that in mind, let’s jump into the review.

Heat it up

portable vaporizer carrying case
Image: Curtis Silver / KnowTechie

The Zeus Arc takes about 80 seconds to heat up fully. This is after packing dry herb in the little ArcPods. While you can use the heating chamber without an ArcPod, it’s a bit counterintuitive to do so.

The ArcPods provide a much cleaner experience, literally. Cleaning vapes can be annoying enough, scrubbing the heating chamber with a Q-tip. You can preload your ArcPods and just drop them in.

This change in function from previous Zeus models is huge. While there will still be resin build-up in the bottom of the heating chamber and the airflow tunnel, this delays cleaning a bit.

Once the Zeus is charged up, you can change heating levels depending on how hot you’d like to get the dry herb.

This was demonstrated to me by my impatient mother, who wanted the heat at level two, and then basically slapped my hand when I attempted a draw before the light on the vape had turned green. The haptic feedback gives a little buzz when it’s ready for consumption.

The Zeus Arc is a conduction-style vaporizer, so that means you won’t be ripping fat clouds, bro. That’s not what this device is for.

This is for a smooth smoking experience. It’s not box wine. Except for the USB-A charging port. You’d think a vape with a gold-plated heating chamber would utilize USB-C.

Take a tasty pull

arcpods beside zeus arc gts
Image: Curtis Silver / KnowTechie

Once your herb is heated to your desired temperature (there are three heating levels) it’s time to take a draw. The mouthpiece is on the side and is like sipping a RC Cola. Because you cherish the moment with RC Cola.

I found that the draw was much smoother when I removed the little packing tool from the bottom of the vape. This little tool is helpful, but kind of blocks the airflow path. Thankfully it’s magnetic, so it still sticks to the vape.

In order to get the full power of the Zeus Arc, you are going to want to keep it clean. It comes with some basic cleaning supplies, like a rod you can shove up the air flow tunnel.

But even with the gold plating, you are going to accumulate a healthy wall of resin blocking your airflow. Clean often and clean well.

With a hefty 3500mAh Battery, you can burn at three different levels. While my mom prefers level two, I like my weed like my tater tots. Burnt. I like them very burnt.

I know that’s not the best way to smoke most strains of marijuana. However, one of my long-standing issues with electric vapes is delivering a powerful enough pull to simulate a traditional pipe or bong hit.

The mouthpiece on the Zeus Arc is the best mouthpiece I’ve come across. You inhale from the side, which reduces transient heat on your lips. It opens easy and has a rubber liner that keeps it sealed.

What’s both odd and great about the heating chamber is above where the ArcPod goes, it has plenty of space to gather vapor. It doesn’t require a constant strong pull.

Cooling down

zeus arc gts on table
Image: Curtis Silver / KnowTechie

I almost lost the flowsink and flowsink screen on first use. These are tiny, gold-plated parts that go in the heating chamber.

While these aren’t necessary if you are using the ArcPods, if you take them out, you’ll probably lose them. Eventually, they’ll just get caked with resin and won’t fall into the void of nothingness that is your couch.

On second use, during photography for this review, I lost both the flowsink and flowsink screen in the backyard. I simply forgot they were in there, and they flung right on out.

These little parts are the one negative in the overall form factor of the device. It would make more sense for them to perhaps be shaped like the ArcPod, or one piece instead of two. They serve no purpose now.

The Zeus Arc also came with a massive grinder called the Xtruder. The nice thing about the Xtruder is that you can place an ArcPod in the bottom of the Xtruder and automatically fill it.

This isn’t a motorized process, it’s manual. When the grinder has filled the ArcPod, it’ll pop out. This is a great way to think ahead, and get a dozen or so ArcPods filled for the week. Beats hand grinding herb every night.

Final toke

The Zeus Arc GTS combines sleek design with gold-plated features such as the cleaning tool and heat sink. This is a solid vape that continues to stand out among its peers.

The Zeus Arc isn’t the only heavy duty, quality vape on the market. The first Davinci IQ blew me away. The Pax still remains one of the most reliable dry herb vaporizers out there. And the G Pen Elite II offers a premium experience for just a bit cheap (albeit less features).

While vape tech once seemed to be stagnating, the Zeus Arc GTS is taking advantage of every spec on the market.

You can get the Zeus Arc GTS HUB (which includes the Xtruder) for $239.99 from Zeus, TVape, Haze Smoke Shop, and Tools420.

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