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How to enable haptic feedback on your iPhone keyboard

To get a little buzz every time you tap a key.

Haptic keyboard iphone ios 16
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Quick Answer: To enable the haptic keyboard on your iPhone running iOS 16, open the Settings app, tap “Sounds & Haptics,” scroll down to select “Keyboard Feedback,” and enable the switch for “Haptic.

iOS 16 brought tons of new features and capabilities to iPhones. If you’re a fan of haptic feedback, then one of the lesser-known new features for your iPhone’s keyboard is one that should be on your radar.

Haptic feedback helps to add a little immersion to your iPhone experience. It’s the little vibrating *buzz* that happens whenever you delete an app or restart your iPhone.

With iOS 16, you can enable haptic feedback on your iPhone’s keyboard. With it enabled, you’ll feel a satisfying buzz every time you tap a key on the keyboard.

It’s a great alternative to the iPhone’s sound feedback. While the sound is very satisfying, it can get a little annoying, especially if you’re out in public.

Haptic feedback isn’t turned on by default, so you’ll have to enable it manually. And once you do that, it’ll be enabled every time you use your keyboard, no matter the application. Here’s how to turn it on.

How to enable haptic feedback in the iPhone’s keyboard

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Image: KnowTechie

Fortunately, it’s not very difficult to set up haptic feedback on your iPhone’s keyboard.

The only requirement is that you have iOS 16 installed. Check out our guide for how to install it if you haven’t already.

Once you have iOS 16 installed, the process is simple. Start by heading to Settings on your iPhone.

Tap the Sounds & Haptics optionIos settings sounds and haptics

Select Keyboard Feedback from the Sounds & Haptics menuIos settings keyboard feedback options

Toggle on the Haptic option Ios 16 settings haptic feedback iphone keyboard

That’s all you need to do. With the Haptic option toggled green, you’ll have satisfying haptic feedback for every key press on your iPhone keyboard.

Additionally, you can toggle Sound feedback for your keyboard separately. You can choose to have both Sound and Haptic, one of the two options, or no feedback at all.

Get a more immersive experience with haptic feedback on your iPhone

iOS keyboard haptic feedback is a pretty neat feature that offers users a better smartphone experience. Whether used alongside sound or in place of it, that satisfying buzz can make a surprising difference in your everyday phone use.

In fact, it’s been proven to improve typing speed and input accuracy. Additionally, it reduces the total number of typing errors, something we all experience when typing on a smartphone.

Now that you can turn on haptic feedback for your iPhone’s keyboard with iOS 16, you don’t always have to rely on sound as the only feedback when typing.

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