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PlayStation’s new VR controllers will feature adaptive triggers and haptic feedback

The futuristic controller design will allow for some new ways to play.

playstation 5 psvr controllers
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Sony recently announced its plans for a VR headset for the PS5. Now, a new PlayStation Blog post has revealed the design for the controllers that will be coming with the headsets, and man, do these things look cool.

The new controllers are a 2-piece design, with matching pieces in each hand. They are a spherical design with ergonomics being the highest priority. The controllers are designed with freedom of movement in mind, allowing game makers to have a lot of different possibilities for controller movement.

Each VR controller (both left and right) will have adaptive triggers, like the ones found on the DualSense PlayStation controllers. Additionally, the controllers will offer haptic feedback, making every encounter in a VR world unique and exciting.

Another cool feature of the VR controllers from PlayStation is finger-touch detection. These controllers can feel where your fingers are placed without having to press down. This could lead to almost infinitely different ways for the controllers to be utilized.

Still no word on when we’ll see the new PlayStation VR headset

Senior Vice President, Platform Planning & Management of PlayStation Hideaki Nishino said in the blog mentioned above, “Our new VR controller speaks to our mission of achieving a much deeper sense of presence and a stronger feeling of immersion in VR experiences. It will build upon the innovation we introduced with the DualSense wireless controller, which changed how games ‘feel’ on PS5 by unlocking a new way to tap into the sense of touch. Now we’re bringing that innovation to VR gaming.”

While there is still no timeline on when we can expect the new VR headset from PlayStation, Nishino did mention in the blog post that the company will put prototype machines in the hands of developers “soon.” Though it most likely won’t be this year, hopefully, the new PlayStation VR headset hits the market pretty soon.

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