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How to add widgets to your lock screen in iOS 16

See today’s calendar events, different times worldwide, Apple HomeKit information, and much more without unlocking your phone.

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With the release of iOS 16, Apple users can now add widgets with useful information at a glance to their lock screens.

Lock screen widgets used to be reserved for Android phones, but iOS 16 changes that in a big way.

In addition to widgets, you can add new wallpapers with different depth overlays, customize the time with new fonts and colors, and much more.

But the most useful change is the addition of widgets. If you use widgets on your home screen, adding them to your lock screen will feel familiar.

Where can you add widgets on your lock screen?

ios 16 lock screen
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The new lock screen has two different places for widgets. You can add a single widget above the clock, right next to the date display. And you can add up to four widgets directly below the clock.

The top widget is small and gives you a single, direct data point. You can add calendar events, a clock in a different time zone, fitness stats, daily reminders, a single stock, or certain weather details.

Under the clock holds more room for extra widgets with more information. You can add up to four 1×1 widgets here in a line. Alternatively, you can have two 2×1 rectangular widgets with more info.

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Image: KnowTechie

Finally, you can add a combination of one 2×1 and two 1×1 widgets here, each with its own purpose.

The widgets on the bottom have more versatility than the ones on the top. For instance, you can add a 2×1 news app for the day’s top news story.

There’s also a battery widget that will show either your iPhone’s battery or the battery of your connected AirPods.

ios 16 lock screen widgets examples
Image: KnowTechie

The bottom also includes all of the same widgets that can be used at the top. The difference is that some widgets are more adjustable, and most will show more information than the one on the top.

In addition to Apple’s official widgets, developers can make their own widgets for the lock screen. So keep an eye out for even more widgets for the lock screen, maybe even some from your favorite apps.

How to add widgets to your lock screen in iOS 16

Fortunately, Apple makes it easy to add widgets to your lock screen in iOS 16. The process is similar if you use widgets on your home screen.

Tap Customize (you may be required to add a new wallpaper to customize)iOS 16 widgets
Tap above the clock to add a widget on top or below the clock to add widgets on the bottomiOS 16 lock screen widget location
Scroll through the list of suggested widgets and find one you want (Alternatively, you can tap on an app from the list at the bottom to see all the widgets available for that app)iOS 16 widgets
Tap a widget to add it to your lock screen (you can also drag selected widgets to arrange them how you want)iOS 16 widgets
Tap Done in the top right corner when you’re finished arranging your widgetsiOS 16 widgets

That’s all there is to widgets on the lock screen in iOS 16. You can play around with different combinations to create your ideal setup.

Use lock screen widgets for information at a glance

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Image: KnowTechie

We’ve seen widgets on the home screen of iPhones for a couple of years now, and it’s easy to see how useful they can be.

And now, many iPhone users can add widgets to their lock screen for an even more convenient glance.

See today’s calendar events, different times worldwide, Apple HomeKit information, and much more without unlocking your phone.

Plus, as more and more third parties continue to develop widgets, your lock screen will become even more versatile. Needless to say, lock screen widgets and wallpapers are a pretty sweet addition to iOS 16.

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