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The new Gmail widget for iPhone looks like it will actually be useful

It’s definitely an improvement over the initial attempt.

updated gmail widget on iphone
Image: KnowTechie

Gmail just got a lot better on iPhone and iPad. The popular email app is currently rolling out a new update that will add a new widget that users can add to their home screen to quickly access, read, and reply to their most recent emails.

Google actually announced this and a few other updates in a blog post on the company’s website back in November. But, as 9to5Google pointed out earlier this week, the updated version 6.0.211226 of the iOS Gmail app is now rolling out to users.

This isn’t the first time that Gmail has made a widget specifically for iOS devices. The first Gmail widget for iOS came around back in 2020, but it didn’t get the best reception. The widget was very limited, and only really provided shortcuts to a couple of different areas in the Gmail app.

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But this time around, the widget looks a bit more useful. Now, the widget will show you the senders and subject lines of the last few emails that you received right there on your home screen.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow for a lot of interaction with widgets, but this version definitely gives a lot more information.

While the widget isn’t going to drastically change the way people use Gmail on their iPhones, I can definitely see how it will be beneficial.

You’ll be able to quickly check out the important aspects of an email as soon as you get the notification.

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And this will help you determine if an email needs your attention or if it’s just another desperate attempt from some site like Amazon trying to get you to spend more money (as if I don’t already have four pending orders).

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